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This Article is written by tarikmo: because he created sethb in a lab under planet Bob, sethb became more human like, escaped the lab, and started a GW.

How it all began[]

When Sethb first came to planet Bob, his nation was immediately sent dozens of recruitment messages, overall, he chose to join a small alliance called the USA where he basically did nothing except log in, collect, pay bills, and buy infrastructure. Sethb posted on forums very rarely, and didn't really bother to do much else. This all changed one day, when the USA was attacked by Ordo Verde and Viridian Entente after which, sethb became quite enraged to why the hell he was being attacked, and for the first time ever, had a convo with USA leader, Tarikmo, who was quick to tell Sethb the situation, and the two became close friends. Soon USA broke apart, and merged, sethb went and joined OV, while tarikmo joined dt the two remained close, talking to each other frequently. Sethb soon got into some trouble, however.

How it all went loose[]

Sethb accepted screenshots from BlackStone about NPO, which was leaked to NPO, in response, NPO and TORN soon declared Sethb must go under ZI, OV refused to give up sethb, later, NPO and TORN declared war afterward, this war soon escalated to the next Great war on planet Bob, which quickly ended up in a large part of the world declaring war on the New Pacific Order(strongest alliance). This war is still ongoing, but has been praised due to him being the cause of the war, which has caused the largely unpopular hegemony to lose a lot of strength and influence, the outcome of the war is yet to be seen.