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A proposed symbol of Sensism; which also happens to be a proposed symbol for Freethought. It depicts an asterisk that closely resembles a pansy, the symbol of Freethought.

Sensism is a religion that teaches that common sense should be applied at all times and that decisions should be made based on what makes sense, among other principles. It originally originated in the nation of Bobogoobo and has since spread throughout the world; mostly in the United States of JBR. One of the main secondary principles is to live a healthy life, because followers believe that it does not make sense not to live as well as possible. Mainstream Sensism attempts to be as open-ended as possible so that its followers can interpret it however they think is best and so that there are no well-grounded doctrines, dogma, and major rules for following the religion. In all matters, Sensism even takes precedence over the nation of Bobogoobo's constitution, and is taken into consideration in all parts of the nation. There is no official leader of the religion; everyone is equal in status in the religion meaning there are no clergymen, bishops, pastors, etc. Sensism is an offshoot of Freethought. Its followers are known as Sensists (singular: Sensist).

Sensism unofficially has a holy book known as Common Sense, which outlines principles of Sensism all the way down to the most basic of ideas. It was created by several followers of the religion. The book also contains several hundred pages of thoughts, suggestions, practices, examples, literature, and various other information related to the religion. Some citizens from Bobogoobo claimed that the book was revolutionist propaganda and attempted to have the book burned, but they were quickly silenced by the immense popularity of the book within that country.

Sensism does not have a deity and because of this, is likened to Buddhism, which has no deity as well. Sensism is sometimes considered a pseudoreligion or even more of a philosophy than a religion. Several smaller offshoots include Christian Sensism, Islamic Sensism, Jewish Sensism, and Hindu Sensism. Most Sensists are generally atheists or agnostics, however.

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