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Secular Progressive Party of Chalion
Partédo Progresysta Sécular dy Chalion
Secular Progressive Party
FoundedApril 22nd, 2009
IdeologyLiberal reform
Fiscal positionLiberal
Social positionCentrist
ChairmanIas dy Cazaril
Official colors      Green
Seats in the
- Grand Council

45 of 87

The Secular Progressive Party of Chalion is a political party in the nation of Chalion. It was formed in April 2009 by Chancellor Ias dy Cazaril out of a fairly hodgepodge conglomeration of smaller Liberal, Radical, and Socialist parties. The Party made history in January 2011, when it broke the grip of the Divine Providence party on Chalion's Grand Council. It aims to usher in a new era of liberal reform free from the confines of the Quintarian church.