Secretary-General of Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact
Johann Haupsmann

since June 16, 2011
StyleThe Honorable
ResidenceHeadquarters, Penguin Village, Pacific Empire
Term length2 months; renewable up to 4 terms
Inaugural holderXavier M. Pitag
FormationApril 16, 2011
WebsiteSecretary-General webpage

The Secretary-General of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact is the head of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact and the Office of the Secretariat, the administrative body of STOP. The General-Secretary presides over all council meetings, creates an agenda, and help improve relations between signatories. The Secretary-General is also the spokesperson for STOP and the Secretary-General of the Polaris Organization of Sunshiner Allies (POSA), an affiliated organization tied to STOP.

During the first term of Johann Haupsmann, the role and powers of the Secretary-General grew. During the term, the Council voted for the creation of the Security Council and the Economy and Trade Council. The General-Secretary would assume to be the commander-in-chief of military operations involving more than 3 Sunshiner countries as well as oversee the Pact's economic growth. Although each council is led by their respective councilors and staff, the General-Secretary would have the highest power. During the Great Pacific War, the Secretary-General's involvement with military affairs grew.

The Secretary-General is elected every 2 months by signatories and a person can have up to 4 terms (consecutively or non-consecutively) or 8 months.

List of General-SecretariesEdit

No. Name Nation Term
1 Xavier M. Pitag Flag of Bobogoobo Bobogoobo April 16, 2011—June 16, 2011 (1 term)
2 Johann Haupsmann PrussianFlag2 Prussian Empire June 16, 2011—present (2 terms)
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