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Second Battle of Southport
Part of the Jernan Civil War
Main Street of Southport
Date 19–20 April 20151
Location Southport, Republic of Jerna
Result Decisive Arrnea Loyalist victory
Flag of the Republic of Jerna Arrnea Loyalists
ScanFed ScanFederation
SicilianAllianceFlag Sicilian Alliance
Flag of the Republic of Jerna People's Armed Forces
PSPRJFLag Arrnea
ScanFed Auel Firestorm
SicilianAllianceFlag Luciano Zito
Flag of the Republic of Jerna William Alcock
Arrnea Loyalists
1 Avalon ACV
16 Battle Suits
70 infantry
5,000 infantry
400 tanks
Sicilian Alliance
2,000 infantry

8,652 total personnel
4,000 infantry
100 tanks

4,400 total personnel
Casualties and losses
Arrnea Loyalists
2 infantry killed
3 infantry wounded
60 infantry killed
35 infantry wounded
8 tanks destroyed
Sicilian Alliance
13 infantry killed
15 infantry wounded

160 total casualties
264 infantry killed
436 infantry captured
80 tanks destroyed

1,020 total casualties
1 Using the Jernan Calendar Sysytem; foreign nations involved in the war mark the year as 2009.

The Second Battle of Southport began on the 19th of April 2015, with an assault by People's Armed Forces troops on the Arrnea Loyalist-held city of Southport. Fighting began at approximately 8:30pm local time, and continued until approximately 11:30pm, with PAF forces retreating for the night to organise a new assault, which was launched just before dawn on the following day. The assault was a complete failure, with Loyalist forces able to ambush the flanking forces sent out by the PAF, and thus force the PAF to retreat from the field, ending the battle.