Second Battle of Eastern City
Part of the Midwayan Civil War
Date April 13, 2011
Location Eastern City, Union of Midway

Red Front attacks Eastern City.

Status Ended; Red Front victory; Red Front secures control over the Eastern Province of Midway.
South Africa.png Union of Midway RedFrontFlag.png Red Front
RedFrontFlag.png Midwayan Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
RedFrontFlag.png Daniel Bullock
RedFrontFlag.png George Taketa
3,000 Midwayan infantry 7,546 Red Front soldiers
Casualties and losses
2021 killed
979 captured
1464 killed
2 missing

The Second Battle of Eastern City is a major military battle in the Midwayan Civil War. The Red Front had won a series of victories against the Union of Midway that had done damage to Midwayan morale, and intended to capture Eastern City in order to force the Union of Midway into a surrender. The Red Front hadn't anticipated the Union of Midway to attack Aldebaran. This attack took place simultaneously as the Second Battle of Aldebaran, which had resulted in the recapture of Aldebaran by the Union of Midway.

The Red Front's tactic was simple, a frontal assault in numbers. They expected the low morale of Midwayan soldiers to hinder their fighting efficiency. This assumption proved to be wrong, but two thirds of defending Midwayan troops were killed in the battle. After the Second Battle of Aldebaran occured, George Taketa arrived with reinforcements. Though the reinforcements were still weary from their last engagement, they proved enough to force the remaining troops to surrender. The Red Front then forced the Provincial Committee of the Eastern Province of Midway to sign a treaty that made the Eastern Province of Midway part of the Midwayan Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

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