Founder of TleilaxEdit

Scytale founded Tleilax on 11/18/2008 at 12:07:24 PM. Tleilax's resources are Iron and Marble.

Mostly Harmless AllianceEdit

Only two days after Scytale founded Tleilax, he joined the Mostly Harmless Alliance.


Deputy Minister of Bad PoetryEdit

Scytale was appointed to Deputy Minister of Bad poetry (Communications) by IYIyth. As Deputy he helped to modernize recruitment among other things.

Minister of Bad PoetryEdit

Following the depature of IyIyth, Scytale became Minister of Bad Poetry where he helped to modernize the Don't Panic newsletter and expand the Ministry in general.

Don't Panic CrewEdit

Scytale is a core member of the Don't Panic crew, helping to edit, write, and publish the newsletter for many editions. He also served as the Editor In Chief of the newsletter for two editions.

Recruiter and AssistantEdit

Scytale Stepped aside and retired as Minister of Bad Poetry down to Deputy Minister before retiring back down to a Recruiter and Assistant. He was for a long time the face of the Ministry of Bad Poetry, being a big participant in all regions of the Ministry. Today he mainly focuses on Recruitment, Mailing, and the Don't Panic.

Captain and CommanderEdit

After a while as serving as an MoBP Assistant and a recruiter, Scytale stepped down from both positions (though he continued to be a writer and editor for the Don't Panic), and Became the Captain of first fleet. After a few months of service as Captain, Scytale stepped back into the position of Commander of a Squadron of first fleet.

Tournament EditionEdit

MHA GladiatorsEdit

Scytale was the first person to come up with the idea of Gladiatorial games for tournament edition. During round 6 of tournament edition, he decided to put the idea into action. It became massively successful, and today, it is not only still done by MHA, but it has also been adopted and used by a number of other alliances too.

Destructor FleetsEdit

Scytale has been a member of Destructor Fleets since its founding, and has led the alliance since round 9.

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