Cyber Nations Wiki
Motto: "MHA till I die"
Joined CN: 5/5/2008
Nation: Spacebug
Current Alliance: Mostly Harmless Alliance
Current Positions: Mostly Harmless Alliance:
  • Government Advisor
Alliance History: MHA: 5/6/2008 - Present
Previous Positions: Mostly Harmless Alliance:
  • Fleet Lieutenant
  • Fleet Commander
  • Minister of Hitchhikers
  • Triumvir
  • Government Advisor

Founder of Spacebug[]

Scutterbug founded Spacebug on 5/5/2008 at 1:11:04 PM. Spacebug's resources are Iron and Lumber. The Capital of Spacebug is Red Dwarf. Scutterbug joined the Mostly Harmless Alliance on 5/6/2008 at 1:11:50 AM.


Professional Antagonist

Agitating and annoying members with e-lawyering and being a little prick, Scutterbug continues to repel members from the MHA.

Fleet Lieutenant[]

Shortly After joining the Mostly Harmless Alliance, Scutterbug was appointed as a Fleet Lieutenant.

Fleet Commander[]

Not too long after being appointed as a Fleet Lieutenant, Scutterbug was appointed as a Fleet Commander.

Minister of Hitchhikers[]

Scutterbug was appointed as Minister of Hitchhikers during his tenure in the Mostly Harmless Alliance. Under Scutterbug, the Ministry was revived coming out of a low it used to have. He helped to implement many reforms, especially those within the Academy.


Scutterbug became a Triumvir after going unopposed in an election. As Triumvir he helped to negotiate treaties, like MHA's PIAT with ADI. He also helped lead the alliance through many events that stirred up controversy both internally and on the OWF.

Government Advisor[]

After one term as Triumvir, Scutterbug decided to retire as a Government Advisor. Recently he has been one of the most active Government Advisors in a while.