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City of Savusavu


Paradise Resort - Voyage SP

Savusavu is the second largest city in So Paulo, is also were is the studios of the International Communications Group.It is a very important and rich city, is know as "City/Paradise".

The Paradise Resort is one of the biggest and most famous in So Paulo, it have 2 shoppings and more than 10 restourants inside.It was a huge investiment from Voyage SP Ldta..

The city have one big airport, the Giracorpos International Airport.

Savusavu Most Famous Postcards[]

Savusavu have many very famous places, some more than others:

Others Famous Places[]

Others famous places in Savusavu:

Fatyi Resort: one big an important resort.

Sabate Complex: An huge set of buildings and parks.

Hanuvi Park and lake: A famous park with a beautifull lake.

Malrel hotel: A famous and expensive hotel.

Datin Bridge: A big bridge.

Reluy Resort: Other important resort.

Retyun Institute: An very important city institute.

Savusavu University: The city most important university.

Hanit hotel: An important hotel.

Savu Gardem: A Famous park.


City View

Savusavu Stock Exchange[]

The city has the second most important stock exchange in So Paulo,the SaSE or Savusavu Stock Exchange.

Port of Savusavu[]

Savusavu has the largest port in the country, the Port of Savusavu is the main point of entry and exit of goods, is 2 kilometers from the center of Savusavu.