Saturnalia Accords

United Sovereign Nations
Global Democratic Alliance

Treaty Type: ToF
Treaty Signed: 1 January 2009
Treaty Upgraded: 28 September 2009
Treaty Status: Upgraded

Article I - SovereigntyEdit

In the signing of this treaty, it must be clear that both organizations and their members will remain sovereign.

Article I - RespectEdit

The signatory alliances and their members will treat each other with as much respect and decency as they would show one of their own members. Healthy debate and discussion as well as constructive criticism are not restricted, but alliance members are expected to show tact and consideration by going through the proper channels when addressing a concern. Neither signatory is to engage in spy operations against the other. The signatories should report any perceived threats against the other signatory to the signatory's government. Article II-Holiday Parties Both signatories vow to invite the other to their "holiday" parties(to be politically correct) both Cake and Pie will be served there, along with beer and pizza.

Article III - AssistanceEdit

Neither signatory alliance is required to grant requests of military action or financial aid from the other. However, such actions should be considered as acts of good faith.

Article IV - CancellationEdit

Either signatory may withdraw from this treaty at any time by giving the other signatory 48 hours noticed. During this time both parties should enter into negotiations to attempt to resolve any issues that are the cause of conflict. The treaty may also be voided if one of the signatories breaks one or more of the above terms with the purposeful intent of causing harm to the other signatory. And the signatories no longer have to invite each other to their "holiday" parties.


Signed for USN

  • Rodrod-Chancellor of the Senate
  • Morden-Senator
  • TE Lawerence-Senator
  • CoraMcStrap-AC
  • Sig(RedVsBlue99)-AC
  • Desertfox-AC

For GDA Government

  • Bactalan, President
  • BastardofGod, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • king Neil Minister of War
  • Popcap, Minister of Information

For the Senate

  • Rga1987
  • Jamesdalion
  • Shadowkiller
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