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Satsukage is a fan of the French hero General De Gaulle

Satsukage, also known as Satsu, was one of the leaders of the United Trade Federation. He was a former UPNer and served as a Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs,Deputy Minister of Defense and Minister of Envoys. He was in charge of the finances, recruitment and the academy of the United Trade Federation.

Satsukage's history is very intriguing. He started his adventure in the United Purple Nations and remained their until he founded his own alliance along with Exar224 and Scourge. That alliance was known as the United Trade Federation. After Karma War ended, UTF merged back into UPN as UTF became rather inactive. After his return to UPN, Satsukage sought to seek an adventure and thus joined the Lost World on September the 7th. Until today he is still in tLW.

United Trade Federation[]

Utf flag

The United Trade Federation flag

Satsukage was one of the founders and Triumvir leaders of the United Trade Federation. The alliance existed for about 4 months before it merged back into its mother alliance, the United Purple Nations. Although the alliance was not what Satsukage expected, he learned a lot about leadership and worked in all areas giving him experience in government.

The Lost World[]

Satsukage joined The Lost World on September the 7th, 2009. A week after he joined, Ancient Iago, then the Minister of Internal Affairs, asked Satsukage to become his Deputy. Satsukage agreed and worked for a week as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs before Ancient Iago had to resign as RL came to haunt him. Satsukage became the Minister of Internal Affairs until elections arrived. When elections came, Satsukage ran for Triumvir uncontested and became the next Triumvir leader of The Lost World.

Satsukage Resume:

  • Languages: Dutch, French, English, Spanish, learning Chinese and Papiementu
  • Positions held in government: Deputy Minister of Defense, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Envoys in UPN. Councilor in UTF.
  • Special Skills: Good in computer arts, which include making banners for alliances and signatures.