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Sarapul (Finn. Sarapulli) is a large town in Uralica that is the county seat of Udmurtiya South. It is best known as a centre of textile production and manufacturing, and a shoppers' paradise, being the main retail hub in the area, even outdoing Izhevsk. Tourism is also a large sector.

It sits at the end of the main stretch of Highway UH-4. Highway UH-4 continues southwest from there to the shores of Nizhnekamskoye Reservoir after an interchange, however the road itself goes southeast into Bashkortostan.


The dominant culture in Sarapul is naturally the Udmurt culture, with Russians, Finns, and Mari also making up a decent portion of the population. Due to its proximity to the historical region of Bashkortostan, there is also a decent population of Bashkirs in Sarapul.

The biggest tourist trap in Sarapul is the Sarapulli Shopping Mall on the outskirts of the city, which includes two of Uralica's largest shoe stores - Kaleva Shoes and CS Footwear, the latter of which is owned by Christian Sport.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • FK Sarapul


  • Lokomotiv Sarapul


  • Sokol Sarapul
  • Spartak Sarapul
  • Torpedo Sarapul

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Udmurtiya Sarapul
  • Dinamo Sarapul
  • UB Sarapul
  • Tekstilshchik Sarapul
  • Promyshlennik Sarapul
  • Metallurg Sarapul
  • Mashinist Sarapul
  • MFK Sarapul
  • Zenit Sarapul
  • Yug Sarapul
  • Russki Sarapul
  • Sarapullin JK


  • Sarapul Steamers

Rugby Sevens[]

  • Sarapulski RFK


  • Sarapullin KPK (non-League)

Ice Hockey[]

  • Sarapul Bears HK (non-League)


  • Sarapul Skate Park - a large skateboarding park complex that sometimes hosts regional competitions in skateboarding and BMX-cycling.
  • Sarapul Water Sports Complex and Water Park - water polo, swimming, diving, water-sliding - if it involves water, it's here!

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Yuzhnyy Sarapul (Finn. Eteläsarapulli)
  • Sigayevo
  • Gudok
  • Stroitel'nyy