Saransk (Russ. Саранск, Finn. Saranossi, Mksh./Erzy. Саранош) is the largest city and county seat of Mordoviya county in Uralica. As of its official annexation into the nation on 10 November 2009, it is Uralica's 12th-largest city, and 14th-largest urban area.

The population of Saransk has become more Uralic since the foundation of Uralica in March of 2008, with three quarters of the population being at least partly either Moksha or Erzya and nearly 100% of the population speaking at least one of their languages. In terms of mother tongue, Moksha has an ever-so-slight edge on Erzya, with Russian, Finnish, Eastern Mari, and Chuvash also being spoken in significant quantities.

Retail is the dominant sector in the Uralican economy, but there are also large metalworking, food production, and heavy machinery sectors, and smaller sectors devoted to the production of chemicals and electrical cables. Since Saransk is on Highway UH-1, its goods are easily transported to any major city in Uralica in a matter of days, or in some cases, hours. Highway UH-27 connects it to several other major centres in Mordoviya county.

Culture Edit

Saransk boasts the largest population of Mordvinic peoples of any city in the world, and this should come as little surprise given its status as the capital of the old Russo-Soviet administrative division. There was some talk as to whether or not the city should be renamed to Saranosh to reflect the native name of the city, however most Mordvins were fine having the Russian name remain the official English-language name, and thus the name shown in all the atlases.

Before Great War III, 70% of the population was Russian, a number which has dropped since the post-Purges diaspora from the area. According to current figures, only 15% of the population is fully Russian, with around 30% being "Russo-Mordvinic," that is, partly Russian and partly Moksha or Erzya. With the lack of work in small villages, there has been a large move of population from the countryside into the major centres, which is much of the reason why Saransk's Mordvinic population has increased so dramatically.

Some people have called Saransk "a miniature version of Kirov or Yekaterinburg" because of its highly commercial nature. There are three major shopping malls in Saransk, including one close to Mordoviya Stadion, home to pro football (soccer) club Mordovia Saransk.

Sport Edit

Football (Soccer) Edit

Ykkönen Edit

Kolmonen Edit

  • Lokomotiv-SVRZ Saransk
  • FK Saransk

Nelonen Edit

  • Khimik Saransk
  • Mashinostroitel Saransk
  • Metallist Saransk
  • Mordovia-II Saransk
  • Spartak Saransk
  • Torpedo Saransk

Other Pro/Semi-Pro Edit

  • Dinamo Saransk
  • Progress Saransk
  • Zenit Saransk
  • Jupiter Saransk
  • Merkuur Saransk
  • SVMK Saranoš
  • Eesti Klub Saranoš
  • Saranossin Palloseura
  • Saranossin Jokerit

Handball Edit

  • Saranossin KPK

Rugby Sevens Edit

  • Saransk Steelworkers

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs Edit

  • Mokshasky (formerly Leninsky)
  • Erzyasky (formerly Proletarsky)
  • Martsky (formerly Oktyabrsky)
  • Lukhovka
  • Nikolayevka
  • Yalga
  • Bersenevka
  • Posop
  • Aleksandrovka
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