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Fushun City State
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Established 6/29/2008
Nation Team Team: Red Red

Image of Sarai herself

Sarai founed the Fushan City State in mid 2008 before applying to join the New Pacific Order around June 29, 2008. She found that the recruitment message was nicely worded, and that the NPO offered the promise of activity, people and an interesting time.

New Pacific Order[]

After completing the academy and successfully passing, Sarai spent some time getting to grips with her new alliance before taking on some roles. She spent some time in the Tech Corp, working alongside those who send out technology for larger nations to buy. Additionally, she joined the Media Department, working as a scribe producing various texts for Pacifica. Currently though, she is a mentor leader in SIS, leading Division I. As mentor leader, she oversees a group of Mentors who are tasked with helping the newer members of Pacifica come to grips with their new alliance. She too assists with this task, helping these members find their feet.

For her excellent work, she was recognized by her peers and was voted into the prestigious position of Councilor, where she works serving the Body Republic and assisting them with their needs. For Sarai, some of the most influential people include Brennan and Brehon whom she describes as excellent Councilors, Loucifer who has helped her greatly, Litha whom Sarai nominated for Councilor and gets along well with as well as Kaelthas, a great person but who since sadly left the Order.

Sarai was once a member of the Electric Warriors squad.



Award Name Description
Innovation rumble award
Innovation Rumble Award Awarded by the Council Pacifica to those who submit a winning idea in an Innovation Rumble.


Sarai's NPO War Ribbon Bar

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