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Flag of Sapmi.

Sapmi is a Uralican county based around what was once Murmansk Oblast. Its capital is Murmansk. The county was one of five new counties officially created on 15 November 2009 when Uralica expanded to its cap size. After the annexation, there was a mass migration of Saami peoples to that area of Uralica, as it sits within their traditional territory. The flag of the county reflects this - it was, before its use within Uralica, the flag of the Pan-Saami movement.

In spite of this, Saami are a minority within the county, with Russians, Finns, and Karelians making up the bulk of the population. There is also a small number of Nenets people in the area. With this being said, however, some settlements now have Saami names from the Skolt language (as Skolt is indigenous to this particular area).

Important Cities And Towns[]