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The Sandwich Confederation
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SC Official Flag

SC Official Flag
Team Color Pink team Pink
Founder(s) Dieter Lukas, Morath, Zakalwe, Nickolas Anthony, ExplorerAlpha, Lord Stilton, El Ricardo, Doctor Who, Conscience, Mommyann, Fire2100, OnefishTwofish, Spuck (Two months later, but still there, and still loyal, even now. 09/13)
Founded January 2010
Cabinet Classic Confederacy
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Co-Protector w/ NEAT

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The Sandwich Confederation (SC) is a small alliance on the Pink sphere. Its members are committed to the ideals of friendship, independence, military strength and self-determination. They are willing to protect these ideals with military force if necessary, and also defend their allies if called to do so. The Sandwich Confederation is strongly anti-tech raiding, believing that nations should acquire technology through tech dealing. SC does not allow members of the alliance to tech raid. The majority of nations were previously members of the League of Free Nations and other predecessor organisations, and as such have all faced zero infrastructure and severe persecution from alliances opposed to their anti-tech raiding activism. SC will consider accepting new members and some members may occasionally invite other nations to apply for membership, but this is not a major focus of the group.


Main article: Charter of the Sandwich Confederation

This Charter governs the Cyber Nations Alliance known as “the Sandwich Confederation (“SC”)” – a group of independent, sovereign nations joined together in mutual defense, non-aggression, trade and aid for all like-minded Sandwiches, Sammiches, Soups, Salads, Tacos and other Lunch related edible food products.


SC is a classic "confederacy" - with there being no "government" positions. The leader of each nation is independent, the only rule being to follow the Charter (which includes no tech raiding). Important decisions are made by majority vote and day to day alliance operation is done by whoever happens to be on-line. Since the majority of the alliance members have worked with each other in both peace and war situations, things operate reasonably smoothly.



In the aftermath of the months long LoFN War, the hundreds of nations that comprised that defensive coalition were largely scattered. All of the alliances that made up the League of Free Nations (LoFN) were forced to disband by the victors of that war, forcing hundreds of nations to leave the game. A handful were able to escape the apocalypse simply by fleeing into the ranks of the unaligned. An even smaller number surrendered individually to the alliances attacking LoFN, while the majority of NEAT members were allowed to join Blackwater in order to escape war. However, a few dozen nation rulers decided that rather than surrendering or leaving Planet Bob forever, they would found new nations and remain together, despite the protracted and powerful attempts to destroy their association. For the most part these members were the ones who had been in LoFN and its predecessor, NONE, and who had fought alongside one another in a large number of conflicts.

The refugees from LoFN founded a militaristic alliance determined to protect itsef from all foes, though they disavowed aggressive wars. Despite changes of name (from the Light Brigade to the Phalanx), these founding principles have remained pillars within SC today.

In its first year and a half of operation the Phalanx was governed in a similar way to the way NONE and LoFN were governed- with no central decisions or government positions but simply informal consensus decision making. This began to break down in the face of the reality of the collective nature of alliances, with it becoming apparent that some kind of coordinated decisions were required. This was coupled with the startling realisation that the founder of NONE, LoFN and the Phalanx, who was seen by many as the leader of the group, believed that he had the ability to make binding decisions and to have the last word in all matters. After an internal crisis precipitated by a rogue attack, the overwhelming majority of members eventually left the Phalanx to found a directly democratic alliance which would respect the opinions of all members equally, as befits nation rulers with great respect for each other.

Formation and First Year[]

Thus the Sandwich Confederation was founded on January 1, 2010 by twelve former members of the Phalanx. In the following weeks, many other former Phalanx members who had gone in other directions decided to also join. After the formation of SC it was decided to pursue a more open diplomatic policy, forging alliances with the now-reformed Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism and other alliances with similar history and ideals, such as Basketball Ninjas and North American Confederacy (2nd). SC remains keen to ensure its sovereignty, as its members had fought so long to ensure just that, so for the most has only signed optional treaties rather than binding ones. When a long time ally of both the Phalanx and later SC, United Under Scorn, disbanded, a number of their former members joined the confederation.


Despite their disdain for the intrigues of the powerful alliances of Planet Bob, SC was drawn into the PB-NpO War to defend an ally. On January 29, 2011, SC declared war on the United Blue Directorate in order to assist their long term ally, Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism. SC was assisted in that war by another ally, Basketball Ninjas. White peace was declared January 31, 2011 after UBD withdrew from the fighting. SC fared well in the short battle, only losing 0.01 score to UBD's 0.76.[1]

On April 12, 2011, SC was glad to be able to assist their allies in NEAT in extending their protection to the unaligned alliance, Radix Omnium Malorum Avaritia. As an alliance steadfastedly opposed to tech raiding, SC jumped at the opportunity to secure a safe haven for unaligned nations.

As the storm clouds of global war gathered once again in late 2011, another unprecedented opportunity presented itself to the Confederation. The Global Order of Darkness was the sole surviving alliance from the coalition that attacked LoFN, and the cause of so much hardship for the rulers of the nations of SC. GOD, in particular its dictator, Xiphosis, had been instrumental in ensuring that LoFN was forced to disband, and due to their love of tech-raiding, had been a perennial foe of NONE ever since their formation. It was thus with a supreme sense of gratitude that SC was able to declare war upon GOD alongside their allies BN and NEAT, who had also suffered at GOD's hands. The war lasted approximately one month, and while GOD proved themselves militarily competent, the combined forces of Valhalla, BN, SC and NEAT were overwhelming, resulting in a Nation Strength drop of 49% for GOD, compared to 24% for the Confederation [2]. While this damage hardly compensated for the treatment its members have received at GOD's hands, SC graciously accepted the surrender of GOD on January 6, 2012, without levying any terms.

In June 2012, The North American Confederacy dropped their Optional Defense Pact with the Sandwich Confederation.

On August 24, 2012, a significant number of people left the Sandwich Confederation to form the Javahouse League. This was with the Sandwich Confederation's blessing. However, it did cause a significant loss of overall alliance strength. We're still around and active, just smaller.

On October 28, 2012, the Sandwich Confederation and the Javahouse League signed an Optional Defense Pact.

Key Dates[]

  • On February 3, The Lunch Accord, the charter of the Sandwich Confederation, was officially adopted.
  • On March 7, the ODP with United Under Scorn was upgraded to a MDP with the passage of the Pact US a Sandwich treaty. The treaty was the first mandatory defense agreement signed by both alliances. This treaty is no longer in affect due to United Under Scorn disbanding.[3]
  • After a mere three months of successful existence, SC publicly announced its existence on March 21 in conjunction with the public announcement of its treaty with US.[4]
  • On July 7, the longtime comradeship with the Basketball Ninjas was made official in the aptly named Better Late than Never treaty.[5]
  • On October 14, the long overdue friendship with NEAT was finally made official with the passage of the ODP Treaty cleverly dubbed NEATly Pact Sandwiches This was later upgraded to a MDoA, non-chaining.[6]
  • In January 2011, the friendship with North American Confederacy (2nd) was finally made official with the passage of an Optional military treaty.[7] This treaty was later dropped by The North American Confederacy in June 2012.
  • On January 29, 2011, SC activated the defense provision of the NEATly Pact Sandwiches treay and declared war upon the United Blue Directorate in order to defend its ally, NEAT.[8]
  • On April 12, 2011, SC extended their protection over the alliance of ROMA, joining NEAT in doing so.[9]
  • On December 7, 2011, SC activated the optional aggression provision of the Better Late than Never treaty with BN and in a joint declaration with NEAT, attacked the Global Order of Darkness.[10]


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