Sanduguan Military Exercise
1st Joint Military Exercise of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact
Summit details
Host CountryPacific Empire
Dates9 May 2011 - 12 May 2011
VenueWestern ATLANTIS, Pacific Empire

The Sanduguan Military Exercise is a joint military exercise between the signatories of the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact. Its goal is to maximize the efficiency of teamwork between the armed forces of different nations when the need arises.

Seven members from the treaty showed their interest to participate in the military exercise however it was soon reduced to only six participants after one member withdrawn his membership from STOP.

The date of the military exercise was first scheduled to start on May 7 but because of bad weather condition due to a typhoon, the exercise was postponed until May 9.


Sanduguan comes from the Filipino word sandugo which translates to blood compact. Sanduguans were usually held during the pre-Spanish colonization period of the Philippines. Traditionally, it is done by two men by making a small cut on their wrists and pouring the blood into a glass. Afterward, the two men would drink each other's blood signifying unity, trust, comradery, and friendship. The practice of Sanduguan was also used to sign contracts, treaties, pacts and alliances.


PACIFIC EMPIRE Pacific Empire (host)
Australia NewAustralia
JBR Flag United States of JBR
DR flag Deltoran Republic
PrussianFlag2 Prussian Empire
South Africa Union of Midway
NpOFlag7 United Replubics

Day OneEdit

May 9 marked the first day of the Sanduguan military exercise. At 9:00 AM (UTC+8), Emperor Frank Jaegar formally gave a speech to welcome the participants from different nations. At 10:00 AM, Fuhrer Roy Mustang briefed the participants of the schedule for the military exercise and gave them a tour throughout the venue. At 2:00 PM, an exhibition of live fire exercise from the newest military hardware and equipment of the Pacific Empire was given to attract potential buyers. The rest of the day was given for the respective participants to prepare for the upcoming activities in the next two days.

Day TwoEdit

May 10 began with morning exercises and short briefings. Around 6:00 AM, military simulation started for commanders in a command center while field training exercise started for the soldiers. The participants practiced in counter-terrorism, beachhead and blitzkrieg tactics to be used in foreign and internal military conflicts.

Day ThreeEdit

May 11 was the last day of the Sanduguan exercise. Each participants competed in succeeding an operation within a given time frame. The scenarios were a hostage crisis, border patrol, and a sudden ambush in a controlled area. The participants also held a small fight to show the different forms of each military's close quarter combat.

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