Sand Islet Province
Province of the Union of Midway
Provincial Flag
Capital Sand Islet City
Official language
Regional languages
English, Japanese
English, Japanese
Government Type
- Provincial Rulers
Totalitarian Democracy
Provincial Committee
- Formation of the First Union
- Formation of the Second Union

26 July, 2009
6 December, 2010

The Sand Islet Province is a province in the Union of Midway. It consists of the Sand Islets, and shares borders with the Province of Sand Island, Eastern Province of Midway, the Kure Atoll Province, and the Far Eastern Territory. It only has one city in it, Sand Islet City, which is also it's capitol. The province has the lowest population in out of all of the provinces in the Union of Midway.


First Union of MidwayEdit

During the time of the First Union of Midway the Sand Islet Province was part of the Province of Aldebaran (now the Province of Sand Island). It was relatively undeveloped until the Union of Midway joined LoSS. With the help of LoSS, it underwent rapid industrialization.

After dissolution of the first UnionEdit

After the dissolution of the first Union of Midway the Province of Aldebaran became known as the Independent Territory of Aldebaran (often referred to as the Territory of Aldebaran). During this time the Eastern Independent State (now the Eastern Province of Midway) was formed. The Eastern Independent State controlled East Island, Spit Island and the Sand Islet. Internal disagreements soon arose, causing the Sand Islet to secede from the Eastern Independent State, and become the Republic of the Sand Islet.

Reformation of the Union of MidwayEdit

The Sand Islet Province was one of the founding provinces of the current Union of Midway. It was asked by the Territory of Aldebaran (now the Province of Sand Island) to reform the Union of Midway. When it agreed it became one of the founding provinces of the Union of Midway. Shortly after the Sand Islet Province joined the Union of Midway, the new government started a project to expand the province to meet the growing needs for it's citizens.

Sand Islet Expansion ProjectEdit

The Sand Islet Expansion Project is a project to expand the Sand Islet Province to meet the needs of it's population. The process uses concrete and other man-made materials to try and expand Sand Islet. Since the Sand Islet Province only one city, the project is not as major as similar projects that other provinces have, because they only need to expand enough to make a single city larger. The plans are to expand Sand Islet to roughly 105 sq mi (272.1 square kilometers), or roughly the size of the city of Honolulu.

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