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San Stravinskyan zollar
One-zollar banknote 25 cent coin
One-zollar banknote 25 cent coin
ISO 4217 Code SSZ
User San Stravinsky

Ø or ZØL
San Stravinskyan zollars
Coins 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, Ø1
Banknotes Ø1, Ø2, Ø5, Ø10, Ø20, Ø50, Ø100, Ø500
Issuer Stravinskyan National Mint
Federal Reserve Banks

The San Stravinskyan zollar is the official currency of the Republic of San Stravinsky. It is abbreviated with an O that has a dash through it (Ø). The zollar is distributed by the National Mint and the 10 Federal Reserve Banks, which are all run by the National Treasury and Financial Council.

The Banknote and Federal Reserve Banks[]

The Banknote is the most distinguishable and recognized members of the national currency. Each note has a drawing of the President, holding a wand showing that not only does he still believe in his inner child, but that the nation does believe in that type of magic. The value of the notes ranges from One to Five Hundred, Each with a different primary background color (i.e. 1=Light Blue 2=Dark Blue). Each note has a flag of San Stravinsk on it, along with the District Flag in which the note was printed.

Federal Reserve Banks[]

There are ten FRB's. They are:

  • Federal Reserve Bank of Peltodirectus
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Morgantown
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Newhall
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Harland
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Financial Oured
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Greater Oured
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New Garrison
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Shannon
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Albany
  • Federal Reserve Bank of November City
Obverse Reverse Value Main Colour Description (Obverse) Description (Reverse)
SS 1 zollar SS 1 Zollar Reverse $1 Light Blue Elijah Lutz, First President of San Stravinsky in normal clothing City of Peltodirectus, national capital
SS 2 Zollars SS 2 Zollars Reverse $2 Dark Blue A Bland Design featuring the flags of nation and printing district Great Seal
SS 5 Zollars SS 5 Zollars Reverse $5 Green The President City of Morgantown, Second Largest in the Nation