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San Lee
Small Nation, Big Dreams
Capital City City of Lee
Official Language(s) English Primary, Hebrew Secondary
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Ruler Lee Man
Alliance New Pacific Order
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Since 11/22/2011 (3,145 days)
NporedemptioniconEra of Boldness
Nation Team Red team Red
Statistics as of December 9, 2011
Total population 3105
 1,653 civilians
 1,452 soldiers
Population Density 35.19
Religion Judaism Judaism
Currency Currency Dollar Dollar
Infrastructure 228.46
Technology 38.56
Nation Strength 1,110.905
Nation Rank 12,078 of 5,242 (230.41%)
Total Area 88.241 Earth icon
Environment 1.5 stars
War/Peace War
Native Resources Aluminum Fish
Connected Resources Aluminum Fish
Bonus Resources None

San Lee is a democratic nation primarily for Jewish people. It may be small, but it has big hopes and dreams.

San Lee's Cybernations branch began on the 22 of November, 2011, after a great flood wiped out the previous residents of the nation [re-roll]. Immediately, San Lee noticed a great relief, as taxes were lowered and democracy was established. It is then that San Lee became an applicant of the alliance New Pacific Order.

Branches of San Lee stretch all around the Cyberverse, including Ogame, Cybernations, and Project Terra before God Admin shut it down under mysterious circumstances, and it is rumored that the President of San Lee currently plays Runescape. San Lee was in many alliances, though the best remain Guardian [ogame], and New Pacific Order [Cybernations].

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