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Salyakharad (form. Salekhard, Russ. Саляхарад, Finn. Saljaharat) is a Uralican town, and the county seat of Yamalia. It is only the third-largest settlement in the county, being about half the size of each of the largest two, Khanto and Novy Urengoy. It sits on the Ob River, and while it is not particularly far from Lapyt-Nank, any attempts to call the two contiguous would indeed be wrong, even with the Ob Bend Bridge along Highway UH-1 connecting the two. It is known for being perhaps the only identified major centre that sits directly on the Arctic Circle. There is a monument within the town dedicated to this.

Industry-wise, since it sits so close to the Ob Estuary, it is an important stop-off point for ships, and therefore it has a modest ship and cargo container-building industry. But the largest industry by far has to do with fishery and the processing and canning of fish and fish products.



Arctic Circle Monument.

Because of its civic importance, Salyakharad is a very diverse town ethnically. The most prevalent ethnic group are Russians, but there are also large Komi, Finnish, Hungarian, Nenets, and Samoyedic populations. Because of its interesting history, its local museum is a point of great fascination for those interested in history in general - it has exhibits chronicling the history of the settlement from its early days as a Khanty settlement, to Russian conquest and settlement, to its use as a place of exile by the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, and finally, to its use as a place of refuge and sanctuary during several large Robertian-era wars.

Besides this museum and the Arctic Circle Monument (see photo), there is also the Ob-Bend Bridge, which supports Highway UH-1 going over the River Ob - the last of a series of bridges that travel over braids of the Ob River south of Lapyt-Nank. It is expected to be the longest bridge in Uralica. The actual bridge was finished on 23 November 2009 and opened to use a month later. With a total length of 7.5 km, it is by far Uralica's longest bridge.


Football (Soccer)[]

  • Dinamo Salyakharad
  • Spartak Salyakharad
  • Kalastus Saljaharat
  • Torpedo Salyakharad
  • Polyarny Salyakharad
  • Ob Salyakharad
  • Yamal Salyakharad
  • Progress Salyakharad
  • Transit Salyakharad
  • Samoyedika Salyakharad
  • Ural Salyakharad


  • Salyakharadsky Bandyklub (non-League)

Ice Hockey[]

  • Salyakharad HK


  • Saljaharaden KPK (non-League)