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Sajasabie-FORA War
Date February 7—8, 2010
Casus belli FORA raiding active nations
Result Decisive Forite victory
Preceded by
Succeeded by
GLOF-57th War

Forite Order of Raids and Anarchy

Tidy Bowl Man
Ilyich Zhukov

King Nai
King Ernie

6500 NS 5000 NS

The Sajasabie-FORA War was an aggressive war by the Sajasabie Alliance, against the the Forite Order of Raids and Anarchy.

The casus belli was King Nai's accusation of FORA raids on active nations, and as such, spearheaded an assault on the FORA Home Minister, Tidy Bowl Man (February 6). FORA, aiming originally not to garner too much widespread attention/fame, attempted to keep the entire war quiet—under the guise of a raid. Consequently, Tsar Princeps led a counter-raid on the Sajasabie nations. In response to this, King Nai declared a full state of war against the Forite Order.

Origins of the Conflict[]

This raiding policy ended up bringing ire upon the Forite Order from other quarters. Sajasabie, in accordance with its anti-raiding policy, began an undeclared war against the Forite Order. At the outset of the conflict, Sajasabie had 6500 NS and 4 nations, and the Forite Order had around 5000 NS and 6 nations. Within a day, though, tech deals allowed FORA to change the tide of war-FORA jumped to 16000 NS and pounded Sajasabie to 5000 NS.

FORA Terms Halfway into the War[]

The following terms were sent to Sajasabie as a whole:

1) You are not going to change our policies. We will raid as we please, and if you refuse to accept that we will happily wage war on you until you do. This war isn't over when you say it's over; it's over when WE say it's over.

2) For the trouble you've caused us, your alliance won't be getting peace until you agree to hand over 150 tech to the nation of our choice, and to never interfere with us again.

3) Any whining, political grandstanding or hedging on these terms will only result in the terms getting harsher next time they're offered, and in the further destruction of your nations for a hopeless cause.

4) Any individual member of Sajasabie that would like to surrender and save what's left of their nations may do so by switching to the AA "FORA POW" until the end of the war, offering peace in all wars, and ceasing all attacks against us.

Have a nice day.

Conclusion of the War[]

The war progressed for another day as FORA continued to build the upper hand. Finally, Nai and Princeps got on IRC and hashed out a workable compromise: a Sajasabie recognition of FORA's right to raid and 100 tech, instead of the 150 tech initially called for. The final details were posted in this thread and listed for all to see:

Article 1
Sajasabie recognizes the right of the Forite Order to conduct its military and foreign policy as it sees fit; particularly its right to raid as it sees fit.

Article 2

Sajasabie accepts guilt for the war, and as such agrees to pay a sum of 100 technology to the nation or nations of the Forite Order's choosing.

One of the side effects of the war was that it drove the Forite Order to make an early declaration of existence. This sped up negotiations with Poison Clan over a protectorate. Ironically, Sajasabie's attacks only made FORA take steps to strengthen itself all the quicker.

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