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The September 2009 SWF elections was its first election under the September Constitution, it determined the Ist Central Committee. Nominations began 6 September and ended 14 September, polling began 15 September and ended 17 September. The winners were inducted on 18 September 2009.


After development since June and constitutional convention ratifying the new September Constitution, the Front was poised to hold its first elections and starts it election cycle. In a dispute about electoral terms, the first committee elected was to have a two-month term as well as the second committee. As a compromise, after the IInd Central Committee was elected, the General Congress would decide whether to keep the two-month cycle or adopt a one-month cycle.


Foreign Affairs Commissar[]

Ray Matveyev, shwampy



Interior Commissar[]

The Noob, Ray Matveyev

Industry Commissar[]

The Noob


milo, Fadejev


Ist Central Committee of the SWF
  • Co-Chairs: milo (64.29%), Fadejev (33.71%)
  • Commissar for the Interior: The Noob (55.45%)
  • Commissar for Foreign Affairs: Ray Matveyev (78.57%)
  • Marshal: Somedude (100%)
  • Commissar for Industry: The Noob (76.92%)