Date May 24–25, 2008
Casus belli SBF Tech Raiding STA protectorate
Result SBF pays compensation of Cascadian Republic
Preceded by
AGW-Axis war
Succeeded by
LoFN War
Siberian Tiger Alliance
Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance
Serenity By Force
Nations: 102
Nukes: 261
Total NS: 1,901,728
Average NS: 18,644
Score: 7.43

Land: 98,770
Infra: 395,308
Tech: 60,258
Soldiers: 2,103,925
Tanks: 134,713
Cruise Missiles: 805

Nations: 9
Nukes: 0
Total NS: 130,671
Average NS: 14,519
Score: 0.53

Land: 5,795
Infra: 26,560
Tech: 3,500
Soldiers: 80,116
Tanks: 7,699
Cruise Missiles: 60

Extra stats, land through cruise taken at 1:38 PM CN time

The STA-SBF War started after Serenity By Force, a small, 9-man alliance, let into their ranks an unaligned, Negros R who had staged a tech raid against Cascadian Republic leader Renoava on 5/19/08. Because Negros R refused to send a peace offer as well as reparations for the raid on an aligned nation, he was attacked by two other Cascadians. This led to increased aggressions by SBF, who responded unfavorably to diplomatic requests. It was then that the Cascadians reported to the Siberian Tiger Alliance, with whom they hold a protectorate pact. As their protectors, STA again initiated diplomatic conversation with SBF, only to meet mockery and aggressive words. Due to this failure in diplomacy, war was declared by the STA in the early hours of 5/24/08. SBF, realizing their drastic mistake, surrendered and agreed to compensate Cascadia less than 24 hours later.

Referred to in STA history as the One Day War.


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