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SPEED Treaty

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Treaty Type: ODP
Treaty Signed: 8 June 2010
Treaty Upgraded: 30 November 2010
Treaty Status: Upgraded

The SPEED Treaty is an Optional Defense Pact between Europa and Invicta. It was announced 8 June 2010, and was upgraded to the Forbidden Love MDP on 30 November 2010.

Text of the Treaty[]


Pop quiz, hotshot. There's a war on your ally. Your ally is requesting your help. What do you do? What do you do? This treaty outlines the actions to be taken should Regnum Invictorum (henceforth Invicta) or Europa find themselves under attack. This treaty is an optional defense pact, brah.

Article One- Peace[]

Invicta and Europa agree not to place bombs on one-another's buses. We understand that at times, ones pension can be screwed up, and bombing civilians seems like the only way out. However, we agree this is not the proper way to do so.

Article Two- Intel[]

If either signatory receives word on the whereabouts of a bus seemingly ready to explode, they will inform the other, and call Jack and Harry to remedy the situation.

Article Three- Monetary Assistance[]

If either signatory needs money, the other could probably send some over. It isn't really mandatory.

What a boring clause.

Article Four- Military Assistance[]

Ok, Jack, this is it. Don't get dead. In the event of a hostage taking at the airport, the uninvolved signatory is hereby authorized, but not required, to shoot the hostage in an effort to free the victim alliance. Basically, defense is not mandatory, but is viewed as "A cool move, brahamster".

Article Five- Cancellation[]

In the event that either signatory wants off the bus, they must first alert the other party involved. There will be a 72 hour waiting period, at which point this treaty is null and void. If anybody tries to get off the bus before the 72 hours, it'll blow.


Signed for Europa

  • Minister of Silly Walks, Grand Ayatollah
  • Kongo Jack (Deebo), Mint Ayatollah
  • Ernesto Che Guevara (Chax), Strawberry Ayatollah
  • Vielwerth, Vanilla Ayatollah

Signed for Regnum Invictorum

  • Jorost, Lord Protector
  • Learz, Lord Lieutenant
  • Dan2680, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Sir Glen, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Air Chief Marshal