SPATR-TDO Conflict
Date July 25-26, 2014
Casus belli Spy ops conducted against SPATR by TDO
Result White Peace; member removed from TDO
Preceded by
aNiMaLz-GOONs War
Succeeded by
DBDC-Pax Corvus Conflict
SPATR Swash Plates and Tail Rotors

Also Involved
Flag of the Democratic Order The Democratic Order

The SPATR-TDO Conflict was a short war between Swash Plates and Tail Rotors and The Democratic Order in late July, 2014. Fought over a spy operation conducted by a TDO member against SPATR and a refusal to pay reps afterward, the war ended less that eight hours later with the offending member being removed from TDO and a declaration of White Peace.

Of 37 wars declared in the conflict (all from the SPATR side), 18 were by SPATR members. The remainder were by the Seers of Doom, a Riot Society spin-off made up of mostly former Lavender Town nations. (12 wars), Stone and Steel (5 wars) and Los Pollos Hermanos (2nd) (2 wars). It is unknown what level of this support was requested by SPATR, was allies helping out on their own, or was pure opportunism.

The speed with which the war was resolved caused some to question the veracity of the diplomatic efforts which preceded it. some even calling the CB a cover for an alliance-wide tech raid. However, or the 16 wars prosecuted against TDO nations by SPATR, half resulted in no attacks. Notably, for TDO, a neutral alliance, it was the second war in a one year span.

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