The Cascadian Republic
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In their desire for furthering friendship, security, and peace Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies (SPAAA) and the Cascadian Republic agree that the Cascadian Republic become a protectorate of the SPAAA.

Article I:Edit

SPAAA and the Cascadian Republic agree to treat each other with respect and friendship at all times.

Article II:Edit

The SPAAA and the Cascadian Republic will consider any attack on one as an attack on the other. If the SPAAA should conduct an offensive war the Cascadian Republic is not required to aid the SPAAA unless they so choose to after a request from the SPAAA. The Cascadian Republic will not conduct any offensive war without the approval of the SPAAA. If the SPAAA approves of a Cascadian Republic offensive war the SPAAA will provide whatever level of aid it so chooses.

Article III:Edit

If the Cascadian Republic requests it, the SPAAA will provide a small number of advisers in military, trade and/or economic areas.

Article IV:Edit

The SPAAA will not at any time mingle with Cascadian internal affairs unless requested to do so as per Article III. The Cascadian Republic will clear all treaties with other alliances with the SPAAA. The Cascadian Republic can also request the SPAAA to participate with the Cascadian Republic on diplomatic missions.

Article V:Edit

The Cascadian Republic will support SPAAA candidates in team senates that do not previously disallow outside intervention in a team senate as per international law. Such senates that may not be supported are Red and Green.

Article VI:Edit

Either the SPAAA or Cascadian Republic can cancel this agreement at anytime, with the protectorate becoming void 48 hours after both alliances are notified.


Nearly two weeks after the Cascadian Republic approved the protectorate, they withdrew from it. SPAAA's leaders were inactive on signing the document, although the legislature had approved of it. Initially proposed to SPAAA on April 7, SPAAA guaranteed that it would be finished on April 15. The Cascadian Republic withdrew on April 18 citing not meeting the deadline as a reason. That same day the CR began talking with the New Polar Order on a protectorate deal which would become the NpO-CR Protectorate Act.

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