SOULdier War
Result SOUL & MCXA victory, Oasis Disbands

Events Leading To WarEdit

Before the main war, The Oasis declared war on SOUL. During the time, The Oasis had about 150 nations against SOUL’s budding 10. Troop3r and PuLsE were ex-leaders of The Oasis who had returned to the alliance after formerly being couped. However, thinking the alliance would be different now that The Oasis was led by a new group, Troop3r and PuLsE decided to return to their first alliance. Corey Faith, leading The Oasis, refused to let PuLsE run in the elections and further rigged the ballets by creating multis on the forums. Following this incident, Troop3r resigned from his newly won position and left with PuLsE to form a new alliance with Ipod and Magnet, who had previously known each other from Starcraft.

After realizing the futility of the war, SOUL accepted humiliating terms to retract their statements about the rigging of elections and to stop “recruiting members from The Oasis.”

The Multicolored Cross-X Alliance offered SOUL a protectorate ship, which they gladly accepted

The Oasis WarEdit

Two months later, SOUL received word that The Oasis was keeping a watchful eye on it. There was also information that The Oasis had spies in SOUL and had infiltrated the alliance. This coupled with the already soured relations from the bitter massacre before, sparked the next event. SOUL, with the support of MCXA, planned and executed a splendid offensive on the Oasis, effectively putting in anarchy a vast majority of The Oasis before they could respond. The Oasis were given terms but instead decided to disband. Stolen guides, as suspected, were on the Oasian forums and had in fact been actively spying on SOUL.

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