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SOS Brigade
Tournament Edition alliance
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SOS Official Flag

SOS War Flag
SOS Motto:
Japanese: 冒険でしょでしょ?
English: It's an Adventure, right? Right?
Active in Round(s): 5—10
Anthem Hare Hare Yukai Speaker Icon
Team Color Blue
Founder(s) Arrnea, MercyFallout
Leader(s) Soviet Haruhi
Brigade Chief
and Ultra Director
Cabinet Azusa
ESPer and Mysterious Transfer Student
Mako Lim
Time Traveller
and Brigade Mascot

Alien Supercomputer
and Meganekko

Ordinary Human
and Errand Girl
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Trollkastel Defense Force
Name change notice
This alliance has changed its name.

It is now known as Trollkastel Defense Force.
The change took place as of 1 April 2010.
More info is available here.

The SOS Brigade was an alliance on the Blue team in Cyber Nations: Tournament Edition. It was led by Soviet Haruhi, who reigned as Brigade Chief and Ultra Director, representing the will of Haruhi Suzumiya herself. On 1 April 2010, it changed its name to the Trollkastel Defense Force.

Anthem of the SOS Brigade[]

The official Anthem of the SOS Brigade was Hare Hare Yukai.

Romanised Japanese Lyrics English Translation

NAZONAZO mitai ni
chikyuugi o tokiakashitara...
...minna de
dokomademo ikeru ne

Jikan no hate made BOOOON!
kono omoi wa.
Nanimo kamo wo makikonda
souzou de asoubou.

ARU hareta hi no koto
mahou ijou no yukai ga...
kagirinaku furisosogu.
Fukanou ja naiwa.
Ashita mata au toki
warainagara HUMMING.
Ureshisa wo atsumeyou.
Kantan nandayo konnano.
Oikaketene. Tsukamaete mite.
Ookina yume... Yume suki desho?

If we figured out the globe
like we would a riddle...
...we could all go
anywhere together.

To the end of time, BOOOON!
This feeling that
is a warp and a loop.
With an imagination that engulfs
anything and everything, let's play.

Something on one sunny day,
more fun than any magic possible...
...endlessly pours down.
It's not impossible.
When we meet again tomorrow,
we're all humming as we smile.
Let's gather happiness.
Such a thing is so easy.
Chase after me. Try to catch it.
A big dream... You like dreams, right?


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