SNX-aNiMaLz War
Date December 31, 2015 - January 8, 2016
Casus belli aNiMaLz attacks on SNX ally TAO
Result NAP between SNX and aNiMaLz
Preceded by
November Third Offensive
Succeeded by
War on Brown Terrorism

Flag of SNX
Supernova X

Placeholder Flag
Together As One


The SNX-aNiMaLz War was Supernova X's self-styled "stability operation" (called Operation Dog Pound) to make ANiMaLz cease attacks on its ODoAP ally Together As One. The war was brief, and the peace treaty resulted in a NAP and four part agreement between the warring parties:

  • The Imperium of Supernova X (SNX) and the Animalz will refrain from all forms of military and ideological aggression against one another. Respect should be shown between SNX and Animalz in public interactions.
  • The signatories agree to not initiate aggressive military action against the other's allies. An attempt should be made to resolve all disputes diplomatically before conflict escalates.
  • SNX and Animalz will consciously work towards improved political and economic relations on brown.
  • Depending on how well SNX and Animalz collaborates, this treaty will be up for upgrade, renewal or downgrade in 90 days.


The peace treaty and NAP were short-lived -- unilaterally cancelled by SNX less than a month later, the signatories found themselves in another war shortly thereafter.

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