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SHipodom Fiigek
Founded5 September 2007
Fiscal positionLeft
Social positionFar Left

The Liberalist Left (Atyan: SHipodom Fiigek, SHF) is the third-largest political party in Atya and the second-largest in Elshirbgoxen Atya. It is the second party in the current government.

In Elshirbgoxen[]

Currently, SHF controls 31 out of 108 seats in Elshirbgoxen Atya. This does not reach the 65% Majority to form Government, so they have formed a coalition with Fiditooluzuun and Luhashipreen Atyan Zomdaf. This brought the power of the party to 75%, allowing them to enter power after the first and second elections.


It's current leader is Adelawe Djemba, ZE from Liin, who is also the founder.


They believe in a totally liberal nation where people are free to do what they please. They are Far-Left Liberals.