SDAON was Founded by President Chris, the actual Date is Unknown. SDAON tried to grow, but attempts of becoming a larger Alliance Failed. SDAON soon saw Conflict with N.A. Alliance. SDAON was being soundly Defeated in the War, however the Tides begin to change when President Chris, SDAON's President contacted their Ally, The German Empire. The German Empire soon joined the War on the 8th of November, in the Year 2007. After less then 24 hrs of Conflict with Imperial German Troops, the Tides had completely changed, and SDAON saw Peace once more on its lands. The Citizens of SDAON were Cheering and weeping as Imperial German Troops departed after the Conflict was over. Unfortunately, SDAON soon Disbanded. The Effect which The German Empire had on the people of SDAON soon saw their President, President Chris as well as a couple other Citizens of SDAON departing and Immigrating to The German Empire.

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