Date September 7, 2008
Casus belli Tech raid on SBA nation
Result White peace
Preceded by
BAM! War
Succeeded by
PPF-DefCon War
The Dark Templar
Tde Alliance
Nations: 18
Nukes: 116
Total NS: 555,013
Average NS: 30,834
Score: 2.05
32,162 land
95,419 infra
26,569 tech
440,681 soldiers
25,610 tanks
236 cruise missiles
904 aircraft
95 navy ships
Nations: 24
Nukes: 20
Total NS: 320,342
Average NS: 1,136
Score: 1.33
1,655 land
65,404 infra
9,583 tech
368,119 soldiers
34,250 tanks
337 cruise missiles
725 aircraft
121 navy ships

The SBA-DT War was a short lived conflict between The Dark Templar and the Alliance which started and ended on September 7, 2008. On September 4, Steveonia tech raided three SBA nations. In response on the night of the 6/7th, two SBA nations declared upon Steveonia and they made an announcement on the forums regarding the raid. In response to these attacks, three Dark Templar nations attacked one of the SBA nations who had retaliated. A little later, before the wars escalated anymore, white peace was agreed upon.

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