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S\m/ooth Haruhi War
(Tournament Edition Round 8)
Smooth Haruhi
Date 20—22 November 2009
Casus belli Melancholic Haruhi
Result White Peace
SOS Brigade
Aeonic Imperium

Sosdanflag3 Arrnea
Sosdanflag3 Soviet Haruhi
Aiflag Infidel Israeli

Custom44 Le Chat
Custom44 Ibn bin Fapng

Update, Nov 18
Nations: 45
Nation Strength: 102,577
Nukes: 10
Update +4hr, Nov 21
Nations: 46
Nation Strength: 114,875
Nukes: 13
Update +1hr, Nov 22
Nations: 47
Nation Strength: 114,043
Nukes: 13
Update +20m, Nov 23
Nations: 51
Nation Strength: 111,515
Nukes: 9
Update, Nov 18
Nations: 51
Nation Strength: 86,072
Nukes: 10
Update +4hr, Nov 21
Nations: 44
Nation Strength: 71,313
Nukes: 4
Update +1hr, Nov 22
Nations: 42
Nation Strength: 64,460
Nukes: 5
Update +20m, Nov 23
Nations: 39
Nation Strength: 52,522
Nukes: 2
Ribbons Awarded
S\m/ooth Haruhi War
(For SOS combatants)

Nukes Eaten
(Nuked SOS nations)

The S\m/ooth Haruhi War was a war in Cyber Nations Tournament Edition in Round 8 between the SOS Brigade and Aeonic Imperium on one side and \m/ on the other.

It was declared just before the update of 20/21 November 2009, with the SOS Brigade and the Aeonic Imperium citing the melancholic mood of the former alliance's Goddess, Haruhi Suzumiya, as the reason for their attack. A total of 22 wars were declared by the SOS Brigade by an hour after update, and a total of 9 wars were declared in the same time period by Aeonic Imperium. As of four hours and twenty-five minutes after update, no \m/ nations had declared war, with more than a dozen of them being thrown into anarchy by the initial attack.

Two days later, white peace was agreed upon by both parties.

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