Flag & Coat of Arms of Rysonia
In Peace we are the Rose, In War the Wolf, In Victory Merciful.
Capital Rysa City
Largest City Roseville
Official Languages French, English, Rysonian
  • Monarchy
Jasmine Astaria Rysonia
Liberation June 12, 1993
 • Total
 • Water (%)

139.828 mile diameter (08 Mar. 03)
 • Civilians
 • Military

10,679 Men, Woman, Children (08 Mar. 03)
2,020 Soldiers (08 Mar. 03)
National Animal The Wolf
National Anthem Darkness
  • Gross Individual
  • After Taxes

Literacy Rate:  ?%
Currency 1 Dollar ($) = 100 Cents
 • Connected
Sugar Wine Pigs Uranium Gold Aluminum Fish Marble Spices Oil Rubber Water

History Edit

Rysonia was founded approximately 700 years ago. Culture and the Arts were the goals of the Land and the people were led by the Astaria clan. For centuries peace and prosperity were everywhere.

In 1993 war came to the peaceful land of Rysonia. Her streets were ravaged and her royal family cruelly butchered, all save one that is. Emperor Ivan Moldavi hearing of the troubles the Rysonian's faced came to their rescue with the full military might of the New Pacific Order at his back. That day the Rysonian people swore allegiance to their hero and to the NPO and made their 6 year old Princess, Dictator for life.

Though Rysonia suffered much over time, including several Nuclear attacks Queen Jasmine has led them well and they grow mostly through the trading of Technology with other Nations. Peace has once again returned to Rysonia and the Citizens seem to be recovering nicely.

The capital city is Rysa City, Rysa is city which is unique in its own right with exciting architecture from days gone past, historical significance and rapid population growth. Rysa City is hundreds of years old.

Government and Politics Edit

Rysonia, is a nation with a unique culture incorporating it's founding on immigration. She is a Monarchy

Rysonia is not well known for its tolerance, though the Nation has been known to choose odd friends, such as the peace loving Brazilians. In negotiations and Diplomacy the Rysonian people are known to excel, much to the surprise of the international community.

Foreign Relations Edit

Rysonia enjoys excellent relations with other Nations of DigiTerra.

International Agreements and Alliances Edit

Rysonia is a member of the ISCO and the Red Trading Sphere.

Economy Edit

The Rysonian economy is very strong, running mostly off the production of Sugar and Wine.

Languages Edit

English, Rysonian, and French are the predominant languages in Rysonia, though for convenience sake Rysonia made Rysonian the official language. All 3 languages are taught to school childen from a young age.

Religion Edit

Though officially Rysonia follows the practice of Jainism, a strong minority still follow the Way of Adminism.

Military Edit

Figures not released as of yet due to security concerns.

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