Cyber Nations Wiki
Name Ryag Han the 4th
Nation Aazamar
Party Democratic
Religion None
Spouse Unmarried
Powers Unrevealed to the public
Birth Date April 6, 1993
Birth Place Grand Isle
Date of Death May 6, 2010
Place of Death New Orleans
Appearance Ryag Han, President of Aazamar

Early life[]

Born in Grand Isle on April 6, 1993, Ryag was the 3th born of the Royal family of the Han clan. His brothers all died at birth,so he was the soul enhareter of the family. At age 15,as tradition, he was name the new Comander of Arms. Hif father the King Ryag the 2nd died that year at the begining of the Unification war. Ryag Han was name therfor the new king,and began his rule ower the south.