Listed below are the rules regarding the creation of multiple nations per player. Note that these rules are not all inclusive or necessarily accurate and are subject to change at any time. It is required to keep up to date with the rules so you should regularly check in on the pinned threads pinned in the Moderation forum.


Can I have more than one nation?Edit

  • No, the vast majority of players can only have one nation per person. Any two nations that are created or are used by the same IP address will be subject to possible deletion. The only exception is players who created multiple nations before February 18, 2006 (the day this rule was created). The number of grandfathered nations a player may have was also limited to a main nation plus two others shortly thereafter. These nations are noted by the mods and are the only exceptions to the multi rule. The same interaction rules apply; the nations may not interact whatsoever.

My brother/wife/a hacker wants to play on the same computer as I do with their nation. Is this legal?Edit

  • No. Only one nation is allowed per network.

I don't like my nation anymore, can I start over?Edit

  • Yes, you may create a new nation, but you must delete your current nation or wait until it is deleted automatically after 25 days of inactivity. The mods do not delete nations upon requests and attempts to circumvent this by purposefully breaking rules to get your nation deleted will result in a ban.

I have a second legal nation. May I sell it? I don't want to play two or more nations anymore.Edit

  • No. Nation trading and/or selling is strictly prohibited.

I don't want to play anymore, can I give my nation to a friend?Edit

  • No. Nation trading and/or selling is strictly prohibited.

I'm going on vacation, can I ask someone else to watch my nation?Edit

  • Yes, but you must first apply for nation sitting status in Moderation and may not begin the nation sitting until you have received written confirmation in the designated thread that your nation sitting application has been approved.
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What do I do if I know that someone is creating multiple nations illegally?Edit

  • Please post suspected cheaters/exploiters/multis in the required format (read the stickies before posting) here. If you know of someone violating the rules and do not report it, you are in violation of the Cyber Nations Terms of Service.
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