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Treaty Type: PIAT
Treaty Signed: 07/01/2010
Treaty Terminated: 19/4/2010
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Ruffles Are Better Than Lays Accords is a Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty between the Aqua Defense Initiative and the United Commonwealth of Nations. It was announced on 7 January 2010, and became defunct upon ADI's disbandment on 19 April.

Text of the Treaty[]


This treaty of peace, intelligence, and aid is signed in the interest of mutual growth, ensured friendship, and lots of drinking between the member nations of the United Commonwealth of Nations and the Aqua Defense Initiative.


Both alliances remain completely sovereign through this pact and have the freedom to manage their internal and domestic affairs as they see fit.

Non Aggression[]

Neither signatory will engage in offensive action against each other. Offensive action will be defined as direct or passive military aggression. Neither signatory will aid another alliance in an offensive action against the other signatory in any fashion.


Both signatories are duty bound, upon request, to divulge information relevant to the fellow signatory. It is highly advised that any and all information is shared upon receiving said information/intelligence.

Mutual Respect/Amity[]

Both signatories pledge to show open respect for each other in public channels (ie. IRC, forums, etc.). Verbal aggression will not be acceptable. Signatories are encouraged to resolve conflicting views through private channels.


If one signatory asks the other for aid of any kind, and it is found to be not too much of a burden, then they shall provide it to them.


This pact may be cancelled by either signatory at any time. The pact will be in full effect for two days following private notification of cancellation. After the forty eight hour grace period, all articles of the pact will become null and void.

Signed for the Aqua Defense Initiative

  • John Warbuck of New Aligned States- Lord High Sentinel
  • Yuurei of Exedore- Judicator
  • Hamil of Kaplechistan- Arbiter
  • Archon Daverin of Caridos- Arbiter
  • Kingly of Quaaraaq- Lord of Defense
  • Lord Tri of Tribathia- Lord of Foreign Affairs
  • Magister Populi of Latium- Lord of Internal Affairs
  • JDorian of Nordlenska- Lord of Finance

Signed for the United Commonwealth of Nations

  • Darkfox- Secretary of the Exterior
  • Zarachii- Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Brickan- Minister of Defense
  • GiveMeWater- Minister of Communications
  • Nascarfanga- Minister of Kick $@!