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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.
Royal Order of Confederate Kingdoms
ROCK Official Flag

ROCK Official Flag

The R.O.C.K. Coat of Arms.
The R.O.C.K. Coat of Arms.
Team Color Yellow team.gif Yellow
Founder(s) AnthonyK, KyleB
Founded August 7, 2006 / August 13, 2007

R.O.C.K. Royal 9

Other Officials

Judiciary Council

International relations

link= alliance Statistics as of May 22, 2012

Total Nations 7
Strength 646,067
Avg. Strength 92,295
Nukes 154
Aid Efficiency 3 / 41 (7.32%)
Score 2.32
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R.O.C.K. is an alliance of the Yellow sphere that has existed for nearly two years. Founded by two friends on August 7, 2006, R.O.C.K. has persisted the test of time, numerous great wars, and the creation and disappearance of many alliances since. After a April 1, 2007 merger and brief 3 month stint with GOLD, R.O.C.K. unmerged and reformed itself nearly a year after it's initial creation, unofficially reforming on August 13, 2007, and officially announcing it's reformation on September 25, 2007.

The initials currently mean Royal Order of Confederate Kingdoms, voted on by the R.O.C.K. membership after holding a renaming contest following it's reformation. The initials previously stood for Republic of Canceled Kombat, the name chosen by founder and former leader and member AnthonyK, a choice of words that even alliance members to this day still sometimes wonder about the meaning of. Some believe that with the relaunch of R.O.C.K. that the initials stand for Republic of Conquering Kombat but this is only due to some discussions among the Royal 9 and general membership. Though R.O.C.K. lacks the amount of members of some of the other Alliances, it offers a spirit and feeling of community hard to achieve from larger alliances. R.O.C.K. also provides defense for newer and smaller nations, something that similarly sized alliances may and can have trouble with.

The R.O.C.K. Charter[]

Article I. Prelude[]

We, the people of R.O.C.K., in order to keep safe the rights of its members and keep its government supporting it to a series of regulations, establish this Charter. The articles herein are published to serve the people of R.O.C.K. and keep all under its influence within a reasonable field of ethics. The content of this Charter is subject to occasional change per amendments as seen fit and is subject to public discussion.

Article II. Stance[]

R.O.C.K. intends to be an alliance in which members can get their voice heard, help each other grow as one, and provide mutual protection in a time of war be it against another alliance or against individual, non-aligned, nations. R.O.C.K. follows through on these intentions with the ideas of Independence. R.O.C.K. is actively forming Pacts and Treaties with other alliances and in the case of war, no justifiable cause will result in a neutral stance from the conflict. R.O.C.K. intends to stay out of major conflicts unless one of its allies or members is brought into it, at which point the full power of its members will be brought in to defend their allies, whether that be military or otherwise.

Article III. Admission[]

Admission into R.O.C.K. for an outside nation is a simple process. After filling out a membership application, the nation must be willing to accept the rule of the Government of R.O.C.K., and to uphold the value and honor of the Alliance by swearing the Member's Oath. Prospective nations much also change their in-game affiliation to R.O.C.K. Applicant. A prospective nation must also not be a member of another alliance as dual membership is forbidden. The prospective nation must also be in a state of peace and not involved in any wars upon application.

An unchanging decree is that all members must be willing to serve the Alliances and its members when called upon to do so. Failure to defend R.O.C.K. and her members may result in severe punishment, expellment, or death. A member may be expelled from the Alliance at any time with a legitimate cause.

Article III. Section i. R.O.C.K. Applicant[]

Any nation under the in-game affiliation of R.O.C.K. Applicant is a prospective member of R.O.C.K. and is henceforth declared as under the protection of the R.O.C.K. alliance until such time that they become a full member or they are denied entry and leave the affiliation. An attack on a nation flying the R.O.C.K. applicant affiliation will be viewed as an attack on R.O.C.K. itself.

Article IV. Government[]

The governing body of R.O.C.K. will consist of the Royal Nine and the Judiciary Council. They will act in the best interests of the general populace and the Alliance as a whole and will make the major decisions of the Alliance. As a result, no member of government may abuse his or her position for personal gain. In the event of an abuse of position, the general populace may take a vote to remove them. A super majority (66%) will be required by the general populace or a simple majority (51%) from either the Royal Nine or Judiciary Council in order to remove them. Two of these three groups must agree.

When a Supreme Royal is removed, their seat will remain empty until such time that the remaining Supreme Royals deem a candidate deserving of the seat. When a Royal Layman is removed, the other Royals must have a simple majority vote to decide on a new member and the Judiciary Council will have a simple majority vote to approve the new member. Should any member be removed in this manner, they forfeit any rights to run for any government office unless the Judiciary Council restores that right.

Article IV. Section i. Supreme Royals[]

The Royal Nine is split up between two groups, the Supreme Royals, and the Royal Laymen. While both the Supreme Royals and the Royal Laymen work side by side to better the alliance, the main difference is their term and number of positions in the Royal 9. Supreme Royals will be appointed for life terms by the existing Royal Nine and will make up six of the nine positions. They will be subject to the same eviction policies as the Royal Laymen if found to be abusive or corrupt. They will individually have power over anything in the Alliance as long as they are in agreement with the Charter and the other Royals.

Article IV. Section ii. Royal Laymen[]

The remaining members of the Royal Nine are the Royal Laymen, who will be three members voted into office by the general populace. They will be given identical jurisdiction to the Supreme Royals aside from their term length, which is only 3 months long. They may be reelected indefinitely but will be subject to the same removal methods as the Supreme Royals. The Judiciary Council may also bar a member from running for a Layman position.

Article IV. Section iii. Judiciary Council[]

The Judiciary Council will be a completely independent organization from the Royal Nine save for 1 Supreme Royal that they appoint to the Council. The other 2 members will be elected into office every three months with an unlimited number of terms. The Royal 9 member of the Judiciary Council will serve under similar terms, serving terms at a length of 3 months with the ability to be elected for an unlimited number of terms and to be the only person, who can serve in both Royal Nine and Judiciary Council simultaneously.

They will have the power to overturn Royal Nine decrees by a super majority (66%) and make disciplinary decisions regarding actions of alliance members both in all Cyberverse related forums, and in game. In the event that a Royal decree is overturned, a super majority of the Royal Nine may override that and pass it anyway. They will be subject to the same eviction policies as the Royal Nine. The Royal Nine may also bar a member from running for a Judiciary position.

Article V. War[]

In the event that R.O.C.K. enters an armed conflict, alliance members shall go to their respective Military Divisions to receive official orders and roles in the war. The Royal of Defense and his staff will be the supreme authority on military action. Economic action will fall under the jurisdiction of both the Domestics Affairs and Finances Royals for aid within the Alliance and Foreign Affairs Royal for foreign aid.

In an alliance conflict, members will follow the designated protocols for action while personal conflicts will require an approval by the Royal of Defense. Aid for a personal conflict within the Alliance will be permitted without restriction, though foreign aid will need approval by the Royal of Foreign Affairs.

Article V. Section i. Aggressive Wars[]

R.O.C.K. nations are strictly forbidden to be the aggressor and start wars with other nations outside of authorized raiding. Any offensive wars started by R.O.C.K. members are to be peace declared immediately. As well, the offending member may face infractions with punishment ranging from fines up to possible expellment from the alliance.

Article V. Section ii. Raiding[]

Tech/land raiding is now permitted into R.O.C.K. However, before a nation may raid, they must first file a raid request in the military forums with the proper forms filled out, and must receive the explicit permission from the Royal of Defense. Failure to obtain permission from the Royal of Defense before launching a raid may result in the offending member facing infractions with punishment ranging from fines up to possible expellment from the alliance.

If/when given permission to raid, it is said nation's own choice how gently/badly to perform it. While gangbanging, total destruction and crying for help is frowned upon and using only merry attitude, ground attacks and peace offers is recommended, there aren't any regulations after the initial permission is given - with the reservation that one troublesome raid for the alliance may result in cancellation of all future requests.

In short: If you have the balls to steal someone's money, land and tech, then have the balls to face the damage to your own nation if they choose to fight back.

Article V. Section iii. Nuclear Weapons[]

All alliance members are allowed to stockpile the maximum allowed number of nuclear weapons as they wish. When in a state of war, explicit permission and approval must be given by the Royal of Defense (and none other) before nuclear ordinance may be used in battle. Failure to obtain permission to use nuclear ordinance before launching a nuclear weapon may result in expellment from R.O.C.K. and the declaration as a nuclear rogue.

Article V. Section iv. Permissible Targets[]

R.O.C.K. nations are expressly forbidden from attacking other nations currently in another alliance, unless R.O.C.K. is currently at war with that alliance and said nation is your assigned war target. R.O.C.K. nations may only request tech raids against nations who are unaligned or in a "one-man alliance" and are NOT on a color sphere that is under credible protection.

If said nation is unaligned or in a "one-man alliance" and on a sphere under credible protection, they will be declared off limits to tech raid or attack in other methods. Unaligned or a "one-man alliance" nations not on a color sphere that is declared under credible protection are permissible targets to request permission to tech raid.

Article V. Section v. War Time Dissension[]

All R.O.C.K. nations are to follow directions given to them in their respective military divisions in a time of war. Failure to follow the directions given will result in punishments ranging from heavy fines to expellment from R.O.C.K. with the offending nation placed on the R.O.C.K. blacklist and military action potentially taken against them.

The Resignation forum will also be closed down during a time of war so that R.O.C.K. members may not resign early on and attempt to circumvent defending R.O.C.K. during a time of war. If in a large scale war, a R.O.C.K. nation wishes to surrender to their attackers, they will be permitted to do so, but resigning to avoid the war and defending R.O.C.K. altogether will be forbidden.

If a member wishes to request a change of orders due to a legitimate reason, they may request so in their military division forums. Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and will not be guaranteed to be granted.

Article VI. Aid[]

R.O.C.K. are permitted to freely send aid amongst each other to help each other further grow. Both new and old members are welcome to take part in the many tech deals taking place every day in R.O.C.K. Current members are permitted to send free will aid to new members. New members are also permitted to request aid in the proper forums after being granted admittance into R.O.C.K.

R.O.C.K. does not offer automatic aid as a means of recruitment and does not automatically give aid just for joining the alliance, so please do not expect such to happen and should such a statement be made in a recruitment letter, it is to be considered void and not a valid statement.

To prevent nations from joining R.O.C.K., requesting and receiving aid, and then trying to leave for another alliance, any new nation who receives, and accept, an aid offer by a R.O.C.K. nation is required to remain a member of R.O.C.K. for a minimum of 90 days before being allowed to leave with no repayment. Should a nation resign before 90 days has passed, they will be required to pay back all received aid IN FULL in a timely manner. Failure to pay back all aid in full, nor pay back said aid in a timely manner, may result in military action taken by R.O.C.K. against the nation.

Article VI. Section i. Foreign Aid[]

R.O.C.K. nations are permitted to send foreign aid at will to non-R.O.C.K. members so long as those nations are not members of alliances considered to be Cyberverse wide enemies. Any and all foreign aid with that kind of nations is expressly forbidden and failure to abide by this may result in immediate expellment.

Article VII. Senate Voting[]

R.O.C.K. nations are permitted to vote for any candidate they wish to, so long as that candidates are not worldwide troublemakers and/or members of any yellow alliances considered to be enemies of numerous alliances across the Cyberverse. If the candidate they wish to vote for is known as worldwide troublemaker or is the member of a yellow alliance considered to be enemies of numerous alliances across the Cyberverse, then voting for that candidate is strictly forbidden and they must find a different candidate to vote for.

They may vote for an eligible R.O.C.K. member or they may vote for any eligible non-R.O.C.K. member as they so wish to. R.O.C.K. members do not have to vote for a certain candidate and may ignore requests by other alliances to vote for a specific member for various reasons if they so wish.

Article VIII. Amendments[]

In order to remain stable throughout its existence in the Cyberverse, this Charter is subject to change. But such change must be agreed on almost unanimously. Both the regular members and Royal Nine must agree. For the regular populous, a super majority is needed and in the Royal Nine, a mega majority is required. These amendments cannot infringe upon any of the sanctions contained in this document nor the rights of the members.

R.O.C.K. History[]

The Creation of R.O.C.K.[]

On the 7th of August in the year 2006, year of the Dog by Chinese reckoning, a King and his lone vassal grew tired of the other leaders pushing them around, for a King having one knight is a ridiculous, laughable matter. King Anthony the Great decided to put his roots down and grow his power. With his lone vassal, Sir Kyle, at his side, he founded his kingdom and asked others to join at will. His new kingdom gained the favor of others in the area and they began to band together. Thus, this Alliance began to grow strong and, in time, has grown to be a force to be reckoned with. The Alliance began to form a unified government made of representatives, and thus formed a Republic. In a unanimous decision, they decided that they would prefer to solve conflicts peacefully and thus adopted a name; unfortunately, their scribe wasn't the best speller, and misspelled combat. King Anthony, however, liked the way it looked, and so the Republic of Canceled Kombat, or R.O.C.K., was born.

R.O.C.K. settled into is new found status as an official alliance in the Cyberverse and declare the Yellow sphere as it's home. While members came and went, R.O.C.K. continued to prosper on under the top notch leadership of its ruling party, the Royal 9. Members included: Smooth Pancakes, Anthony the Great, A2riya, Greatak, Mickey, Kyle B, The Lube, and San Fiera. R.O.C.K. prospered from its creation, with a strongly growing member base and much hope for a good future. As it entered the new year, 2007 by Cyberverse standards, R.O.C.K. was approaching (and soon surpassed) the 50 member mark, on its way to 65 members, it's most ever. However, due to some resignations that ended up dropping that number back to around 50, as well as an increasing stagnation in the alliance's private halls, there began to be some discussion about possibly merging into another alliance, R.O.C.K.'s long time friends, the Global Organization For Liberty And Defense.

R.O.C.K. Merges With GOLD (April's Fool's?)[]

While R.O.C.K. was still going strong, there had begun to be some rumors of a possible merger with GOLD. GOLD had numerous times in the past asked about R.O.C.K. interest in a merger with them, however, each time being met with denial. After reaching a membership high of around 65 members, R.O.C.K. slowly declined in membership, settling around 45-50 members around February and March. As the membership count slowly declined due to various resignations, and the previously high daily activity in the alliance's private halls, discussions about a merger again started to spread around.

While GOLD continued to pressure R.O.C.K. leadership about a merger, and R.O.C.K. leadership continued to debate the move, alliance founder AnthonyK took it upon himself to make the decision and go forth with the merger on March 31, 2007, with the merger becoming official on April 1, 2007, despite some protests by alliance members and other alliance leaders. This decision resulted in quite a controversy amongst both old and new R.O.C.K. members, that to this day, is still talked about and debated. While those who agreed and wanted the merger to happen, think that AnthonyK was well within his right to make the decision on his own, as he was the founder and creator of the alliance, those who disagreed with the idea of a merger feel that AnthonyK broke alliance rules and overstepped his bounds when he single handedly chose to go forward with the merger without the majority approval of the Royal 9, the governing body of the alliance.

As a majority decision by the Royal 9 has always been needed to make official decisions regarding alliance policy, actions, or movements, many used this as the basis for which to start the controversies about AnthonyK's decision. However, when AnthonyK made the decision, he promptly dumped all the forums and threads into hidden forums, and left only a single forum, with a single post, stating that R.O.C.K. had merged with GOLD and anyone wishing to following R.O.C.K. go and sign up on the GOLD forums. As the post was locked, thus allowing no replies, there wasn't much to be done about reversing the decision, resulting in R.O.C.K. officially merging and no longer existing.

Another controversy regularly brought up is that AnthonyK only ever agreed to the merger without Royal 9 authorization, and put the alliance merger on the fast track, due to his being promised a high ranking position in GOLD's government. While this has been one of the more widely believed reasons for AnthonyK's push for the merger, it has never been fully proven as to the true cause and reason, even after an internal investigation.

R.O.C.K. Reforms[]

After several months, GOLD began to have problems and eventually an entire new government came to power. This new government slowly began to undermine the partnerships formed as a result of the GOLD-R.O.C.K. merger, eventually causing many people from both alliances, responsible for the merger to leave. Dissent began to grow amongst the former R.O.C.K. members and many of them longed to return home.

By July, it was a foregone conclusion that R.O.C.K. would be reforming and the groundwork was laid. The Royal 9 of the alliance, at the time of the merger, began to filter back into the private halls of the alliance as they were informed about the planned reformation and began to work on getting things ready for the alliance to start back up. In August, long-term former members were informed of the revival and invited back to the alliance, just prior to the announcement of reformation. After a few days to work out the kinks in the alliance, make changes to the charter, and work on some new plans that R.O.C.K. 2.0 would operate under, on August 13, R.O.C.K. announced it reformation, sans it's former moniker, to GOLD and the rest of the Cyberverse.

The Departure of AnthonyK (Twice)[]

On October 2, R.O.C.K. received sad news as it learned that its founder and long time leader was resigning from R.O.C.K. Having seen his creation grow from just two members to a well known, respected alliance with originally over 60 members, and currently containing 30 members during it's second existence, AnthonyK announced that he was resigning his position as Royal 9 and member of R.O.C.K. and was leaving to join friends in Purge citing his reason for leaving as that he no longer felt needed as the other Royal 9 had picked up the slack and led the alliance with no problems during his length of absence.

AnthonyK would be greatly missed by all R.O.C.K. members and R.O.C.K. wished nothing but the best for AnthonyK and hoped his nation would lived a long, prosperous life. After some time in Purge, AnthonyK began to miss his creation and returned. However, he stayed around only for a few weeks before leaving R.O.C.K. a second time, this time to join friends in the now defunct alliance, KGB. Some R.O.C.K. members harbored some anger towards AnthonyK for leaving the first time, and it is believed that the second departure by AnthonyK, not long after his return, created alliance wide dislike regarding AnthonyK, resulting in his being considered to no longer be welcomed back ever in the future. The true results of his second, sudden departure remain to fully be seen.

The Loss of Xbones[]

A couple months after AnthonyK's departure, Royal Laymen Xbones, ruler of the nation Skulls, announced his resignation, due to time constraints on this unknown place called Planet Earth. He announced he was returning to his old alliance, -AiD-, while he dealt with his personal affairs. Xbones would be greatly missed as he was a great member and contributor to the Royal 9.

R.O.C.K. Enters The World of MDPs[]

While the second resignation of AnthonyK and the resignation of long time member, friend, and greatly respected Royal 9 Xbones, ruler of the nation Skulls, rocked the tiny corner of the world that R.O.C.K. resided in, R.O.C.K. continued to prosper forth and overcome the trials and tribulations that awaited it. One thing that R.O.C.K. had never in its life experience, was signing a MDP. R.O.C.K. had signed an experienced various treaties before, including signing PIATs with alliances back in the original R.O.C.K.

After nearly a year of friendship, Ragnarok and R.O.C.K. agreed to sign a MDoAP between the two alliances, effectively upgrading the PIAT held between them at the time. With this treaty, R.O.C.K. officially signed it's first treaty that was a MDP or higher, placing itself as a direct ally with Ragnarok, and in return, tightening the bonds of friendship and greatly enclosing the relationship between Ragnarok and R.O.C.K.

Black Sunday[]

Sunday, June 22, 2008, became known as Black Sunday in R.O.C.K. after a sudden turn of events resulting in the resignations of Supreme Royals Aliveagain and Smooth Pancakes. Due to reasons unlisted, Aliveagain resigned from the alliance overnight in the early morning hours of Sunday, in turn, resigning from his positions of Supreme Royal, Royal of Veteran Affairs, and Deputy of Foreign Affairs. In a also seemingly unforeseen move, Smooth Pancakes, hours later during the afternoon of Sunday, announced his resignation from R.O.C.K., in turn, resigning from his positions as Supreme Royal, Royal of Foreign Affairs, and Judiciary Council Supreme Justice.

While waiting for his war to end before his resignation officially took effect, Smooth Pancakes was gradually convinced to remain in R.O.C.K., lessening the damages from Aliveagain's prompt and unexpected resignation. The days that followed both Black Sunday and Smooth Pancakes decision to remain in R.O.C.K. were rocky at best, as no one fully knew what to expect. The week and the results of Black Sunday culminated when members Blood Fury and Silver Fox resigned, immediately joining Aliveagain in a new alliance that he was trying to form.

The Return of A2riya[]

Despite the losses from Black Sunday, R.O.C.K. still made gains when A2riya, a long time member and Royal 9 of the original R.O.C.K. announced his return to Cyber Nations and his return to R.O.C.K. A2riya was a greatly respected Royal 9 and member of the original R.O.C.K., including being one of the earliest members recruited into R.O.C.K. in the days after it was created. With the return of A2riya, many view the coming months for R.O.C.K. with a positive outlook as having a former Royal 9 and a member who was around since the earlier days back home, will greatly help in keeping R.O.C.K. moving forward in the direction that has brought it this far.

A Bad Joke Gone Awry[]

After the fiasco of Black Sunday and A2riya returning home, things had finally settled down and returned normal, allowing everyone to go back about their lives like usual. Then, one fateful day in late October 2008, a joke was schemed and put into action that rocked (no pun intended) R.O.C.K. to the core and threatened the very way of life in R.O.C.K. On October 25, 2008, a friend of Bojje's decided to go rogue and attacked 3 members of LSF. This friend however didn't remove R.O.C.K. from his Alliance Affiliation ahead of time. San Fiera seemed especially pissed off about it all, seemed to snap for the last time and appeared to go rogue and attacked fellow alliance member Medievaltech.

Emotions, very predictably, ran high during the war between Medievaltech and San Fiera as it appeared one of the Supreme Royals had gone rogue and everyone was trying to make sense of what was happening. In the confusion of the war, multiple members resigned from the alliance, including Royal Layman Bojje, R.O.C.K. General Members General Grunt and Aaron, and following the conclusion of the war, Royal Layman Medievaltech. Supreme Royal San Fiera also announced his intentions to resign if the alliance as a whole so wished for him to do so.

Some people didn't take these resignations seriously at first, after a long known history of fake resignations by Supreme Royal Smooth Pancakes. It eventually became clear that these resignations were real, also prompting concerns of other potential resignations by members. After people cooled down and came to their senses, Aaron, General Grunt, and Bojje all returned to the alliance and assumed their prior positions. In the end, R.O.C.K. only sustained one loss, the resignation of Royal Layman Medievaltech, who said his decision was final and went on to become a member of R.O.C.K.'s closest ally, Ragnarok.

After everything settled down, it was discovered that San Fiera and Medievaltech really did fight each other, though not under the pretenses originally thought. San Fiera wanted to get the War Memorial wonder for his nation, so he and Medievaltech agreed to fight each other with ground attacks only so Sam Fiera could reach the soldier casualty requirements. In the process, they hatched a plan to play a joke on the alliance and make it seem like San Fiera had gone rogue. Only problem was everyone else didn't see it was a joke and they felt one of their most trusted members and leaders (San Fiera) had grossly betrayed their trust.

Throughout this event, R.O.C.K. was truly shaken to its core and the very survival of the alliance was brought into question as people debated about staying or leaving the alliance. In the end, R.O.C.K. was hurt by the loss of only one member rather than multiple people, and has since been able to survive, recover, and continue forward and continue to prosper.

The Future of R.O.C.K.[]

To be continued...?

R.O.C.K. History on the Yellow Sphere[]

R.O.C.K. has been a proud member of the Yellow Team since it's creation and is the oldest remaining Yellow alliance. Many alliances have come and gone on the yellow sphere. Some have moved on and left the Yellow sphere (FINAL and Alpha Omega). Some have disbanded as well (Order of Feudalistic Security, Global Organization for Liberty and Defense, and Entente of The Rising Sun). But R.O.C.K. has survived the past two years and held steadfast to its home on Yellow.

R.O.C.K. has also long survived the stagnation of the Yellow sphere in the past year. Many had considered Yellow sphere to be a dead sphere with the disbandment of GOLD, the disregard of FAN after their multiple run ins with the NPO, and numerous alliances coming and going, most of them going. However, no matter how bad it got on Yellow, no matter how few trades there were to find, R.O.C.K. has held steadfast and will not leave Yellow. Yellow has been it's home since creation and Yellow is where it will forever remain.


As has been the stance since R.O.C.K. was first created in 2006, R.O.C.K. prefers to solve conflicts through diplomacy first in an attempt to solve all issues without any bloodshed. However, if such acts ultimately fail, and a solution cannot be reached via diplomacy, then they will defend their allies to the end. R.O.C.K. is loyal to its allies and vicious to its enemies. The alliance tries to remain neutral as long as possible but if armed conflict breaks out, R.O.C.K. is fully capable to defend its members.

R.O.C.K. also prides itself on the fact that it has survived as a stand alone alliance for nearly two years, never needing a protectorate and never signing a treaty any higher than a PIAT, at least until June 6, 2008. With the upgrade of its PIAT with Ragnarok to a MDoAP, R.O.C.K. officially signed it's first ever treaty that ranked as a MDP or higher. More can be read about the Ragnarok-R.O.C.K. MDoAP in the R.O.C.K. Treaty History section.


Royal Nine[]

R.O.C.K. Royal 9

Smooth Pancakes

San Fiera








Former Royal 9

Kyle B


the lube

Mr. Roboto




Jimmy Sprinkles





The Government of R.O.C.K. is rather simple and straightforward. The ruling body is a nine member assembly. Currently the Royal Nine includes...

  • Smooth Pancakes, Royal of Defense
  • San Fiera, Royal of Domestic Affairs
  • Bojje, Royal of Foreign Affairs
  • TEG24601, Royal Council
  • Mickey, Royal Council
  • Chahoca, Royal Council
  • Quinoline, Royal Layman
  • Aaron, Royal Layman
  • nexangelus, Royal Layman

The Royal 9 consists of six Supreme Royals, which are lifetime positions. A member can only become a Supreme Royal if they are voted in and accepted by the Royal 9 to become one.

The other three seats consists of the position of Royal Layman. The Royal Layman seats are filled by regular members of R.O.C.K. The position is voted on by the entire alliance and the top three in voting are elected as Royal Laymen. The Royal Laymen are elected every three months.

The Royal Nine can create positions within the alliance and appoint members to fill those positions. Such things take the burden off of the Nine and help things run smoothly.

Former Royal 9s include: Kyle B, A2riya, the lube, Mr. Roboto, AnthonyK, Greatak, XBones, Jimmy Sprinkles, Aliveagain, Medievaltech, Sventington, ...

Judiciary Council[]

The Judiciary Council handles any issues that may arise among fellow alliance members and settle any disputes. They may also be used to discuss punishments for infractions by alliance members if the Royal 9 does not wish to act on it themselves.

The Judiciary Council consists of three members, one Royal 9 member (Supreme Judge) and two general membership members (Associate Judges). The Judiciary Council is elected every three months. All five seats are automatically up for election each time.

The current Judiciary Council consists of...

  • Smooth Pancakes, Supreme Judge
  • A2Riya, Associate Judge
  • Vacant, Associate Judge

Foreign Affairs[]

R.O.C.K. is a peaceful alliance settled on the virtues that relies on diplomacy to settle any issues with those who encroach upon them before ever looking at the possibility of war as a response to those encroachments. R.O.C.K. is also willing to entertain the discussion of treaties with other alliances, although the members of R.O.C.K. do not agree to and sign every treaty request, preferring to instead become friends and develop a relationship with the alliance in question first and only sign treaties that it views to be in the best interest of the alliance.

Foreign Affairs Staff[]

The Foreign Affairs Department is led by Bojje, the Royal of Foreign Affairs and his group of Ambassadors. There are currently only two Ambassadors for R.O.C.K., though Ambassadorship applications are currently being accepted from R.O.C.K. members wishing to enter the world of diplomatic relations.

In order to become an Ambassador, one must fill out an extensive application, undergo an intensive background check, take classes in the Department of Foreign Affairs at the R.O.C.K. Academy, and must pass anywhere a type written test in the R.O.C.K. Academy before being awarded the title of Ambassador In Training. From there, the Ambassador will progress through the Ambassador ranks, opening up the chance to be an Ambassador to more alliances as they climb higher up the Ambassador ladder.

The Foreign Affairs Structure[]

Head of Foreign Affairs[]



Vacant - Deputy Head of Foreign Affairs (Second in Command)
Thaisport - Veteran Ambassador
mprinz71 - Veteran Ambassador


Treaty Type Signatories Status
R.O.C.K. paper, scissors......Damnit Rok always wins Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact R.O.C.K. & Ragnarok Active
Avalanche Warning in the R.O.C.K.ies Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty R.O.C.K. & Avalanche Active
The Treaty Made of Ro¢k Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty R.O.C.K. & Ragnarok Upgraded
Force-R.O.C.K. Treaty of Amity Treaty of Amity R.O.C.K. & FORCE Canceled
Yellow Unity Treaty Yellow Team Economic Treaty R.O.C.K. & Golden Sabres & FINAL & Alpha Omega & Order of Feudalistic Security Canceled

R.O.C.K. Treaty History[]

FORCE-R.O.C.K. Treaty of Amity[]

One of the first treaties signed in the new R.O.C.K. was a Treaty of Amity with a new up and coming alliance, called FORCE. FORCE leadership contacted R.O.C.K. shortly after the announcement of R.O.C.K.'s revival. R.O.C.K. and FORCE grew close during the length of the treaty, though relations turned south after R.O.C.K. was forced (ironic choice of words huh?) to cancel the ToA with FORCE after actions and comments made on the public CN forums regarding raiding being done against their nations by other alliances, who did not recognize them as a true alliance as they were only 5 members big. Due to threats and over the line comments made towards various leaders of large alliances (with whom R.O.C.K. had friendships with), R.O.C.K. leadership felt it was necessary and best to cancel the ToA with FORCE and go about their separate ways.

Yellow Unity Treaty[]

In mid-December 2007, R.O.C.K. entered into discussion with fellow Yellow alliances Golden Sabres, FINAL, Alpha Omega, and the Order of Feudalistic Security to create the Yellow Unity Treaty. By December 23, the Yellow Unity Treaty (also known as 'YUT') came into existence in an attempt to improve and unify the Yellow sphere. The Yellow Unity Treaty helped the signatories to become close and help open up more aid, tech deals, and trades amongst the signatories, improving Yellow at least a little bit, which anything was better than the state of Yellow before the Yellow Unity Treaty.

After numerous months of success, the Yellow Unity Treaty slowly began to disappear as signatories began to disband or pull out of the treaty. Alpha Omega was the first signatory to leave when they withdrew on March 1, 2008 due to leaving the Yellow sphere in lieu of joining the Black sphere. FINAL was the next signatory to leave when they withdrew on April 24, 2008 as they left the Yellow sphere on their way to joining the Aqua sphere. The next signatory to leave the Yellow Unity Treaty was Golden Sabres, as they withdrew on May 2, 2008, though they cited no reasons as to why they were choosing to withdraw. Following shortly after, the Order of Feudalistic Security officially withdrew on May 8, 2008 when the alliance officially disbanded, leaving only R.O.C.K. as the remaining signatory.

While R.O.C.K. never posted an official withdrawal statement in regards to its membership in the Yellow Unity Treaty, following the Order of Feudalistic Security's withdrawal due to its disbandment, R.O.C.K. officially considered the Yellow Unity Treaty dead and unofficially withdrew itself from the treaty on May 8, 2008, as it was the last remaining signatory in the treaty.

Ragnarok-R.O.C.K. MDoAP[]

While R.O.C.K. continued on for some time with no major changes, with war raging across the Cyberverse, and R.O.C.K. with only a Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty with their long time friends Ragnarok, both R.O.C.K. and Ragnarok leadership agreed that a change of treaty was needed and that R.O.C.K. could use some extra protection in the volatile times.

After some time working out the details, R.O.C.K. and Ragnarok both mutually agreed upon an upgrade, from a Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty (PIAT) to a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact (MDoAP). The treaty was drawn up, signed, finalized, and put in place on June 6, 2008. With the MDoAP between Ragnarok and R.O.C.K. being finalized, R.O.C.K. officially signed it's first ever treaty that was a MDP or higher. In turn, R.O.C.K. also made its first ever appearance on the Cyber Nations MDP Web.

Avalanche-R.O.C.K. PIAT[]

Over the months, as Avalanche and R.O.C.K. grew closer together and more as friends as alliances, Avalanche's diplomat to R.O.C.K., paulpig, would regularly inquire about treaties, leave clear obvious hints about how the two should sign treaties, even requesting a treaty for a birthday present. Finally, one drunken night, the leaders of R.O.C.K. and paulpig mutually agreed to a PIAT between Avalanche and R.O.C.K. After the details were discussed and hammered out, Avalanche and R.O.C.K. officially signed a much awaited treaty between each other on January 29, 2009 with hopes for relations to further prosper well into the future.


R.O.C.K., since it's creation as stood neutral in all conflicts, from minor skirmishes, to Great Wars. While R.O.C.K. has not participated in a major military action in the Cyberverse, R.O.C.K. has gone to war against rogues, individuals, and small alliances who have attempted to attack the sovereignty of R.O.C.K. nations.

On June 6, 2008, R.O.C.K. officially upgraded their PIAT with their longtime allies and friends, Ragnarok, signing a new treaty, a MDoAP. With this new treaty with Ragnarok, R.O.C.K. may potentially become involved in future major military actions or Great Wars, though the extent of R.O.C.K.'s involvement in future warfare in the Cyberverse remains to be seen.

During the elections of July 2009, the R.O.C.K. Military department went through an overhaul when longtime Royal of Defense Mickey stepped down to become a member of the Royal Council. In his place, Smooth Pancakes left his post as the Royal of Foreign Affairs, a position he had held for 3 years, and became R.O.C.K.'s new Royal of Defense.

Nuclear Capabilities[]

R.O.C.K. has had several nations grow within them to become nuclear capable and many more remain on the edge. R.O.C.K. had been nuclear ready for a time prior to the merger when Smooth Pancakes, ruler of the nation Drunken Russia finally broke the barrier and was the first nuclear ready nation to be a member of R.O.C.K. in the history of the alliance.

To date, six nations possess nuclear weapons, for a total of 110 nukes owned by the R.O.C.K. alliance. Currently, the R.O.C.K. Royal of Defense much personally give permission before any nuclear weapons may be launched. R.O.C.K. nations also may not launch nuclear weapons until the nation they are at war with has launched a first strike attack. Any R.O.C.K. nations that launch a first strike nuclear attack, or launch a nuclear attack without the express permission of the Royal of Defense face harsh punishment in a R.O.C.K. court martial or face being expelled from the alliance and declared a nuclear rogue.

On June 19, 2008, at 6:22:09 PM EST, R.O.C.K. member Mickey, ruler of the nation Doobs, was attacked with a nuclear weapon in a first strike attack by NEO nation, Dutchland, ruled by Bartje. In response to this first strike nuclear attack on Mickey, R.O.C.K. member Smooth Pancakes, ruler of the nation Drunken Russia, responded with a nuclear strike on the nation of Dutchland at 6:36:58 PM EST. This series of events resulted in a R.O.C.K. member being struck with a nuclear weapon for the first time in alliance history, as well as R.O.C.K.'s first nuclear weapon launch.

This series of events also proved that should any aggressors launch a first strike tactical nuclear attack on a R.O.C.K. nation, R.O.C.K. will respond in kind with a tactical nuclear strike against the nation in question.

Military Actions[]

Military actions for R.O.C.K. have been, some would say, on that of a lesser scale. In the two year history of the alliance, R.O.C.K. has never entered into large scale combat or a Great War. However, numerous R.O.C.K. nations have honed their warring skills over the years by fighting various nations who have chosen to tech raid or attack nations under protection by R.O.C.K. sovereignty. R.O.C.K. nations have also honed their war skills over the years by participating in war games versus each other, to see how they fare under warlike conditions.

Smooth Pancakes - Medievaltech War Games[]

During a period from May 10, 2008 through May 13, 2008, R.O.C.K. nations Drunken Russia and ASROCK began a series of war games against each other to test their militaries and to engage in war like simulations. While the war games were originally scheduled for a full seven days, ASROCK requested peace on the fourth day after suffering some large defeats at the hands of the Drunken Russia military. In the end, Drunken Russia accepted ASROCK's request for peace, officially ending the war games, and resulting in a victory by default for Drunken Russia.

R.O.C.K. Declares War on daniel43093[]

R.O.C.K. entered into a state of war on early June with the nation of 43093, ruled by daniel43093, after it attacked a nation flying the alliance affiliation of R.O.C.K. Due to the unprovoked attack on a sovereign R.O.C.K. nation, and the lack of diplomacy when contacted about the attack and possible peace, via insulting members of the Royal 9 and throwing personal attacks on multiple members via in-game PM, it was decided to declare daniel43093 an enemy of R.O.C.K., resulting in his sentencing to permanent ZI, though it was later decide to be lowered to just ZI. In less than a week of war, the nation of 43093 was ZI'ed by the R.O.C.K. nations attacking it, achieving the sentence imposed on it and resulting in no further wars being declared on the nation of 43093. However, the nation will be watched long term for any possible hostilities against R.O.C.K. nations, which if such hostilities occur, may result in attacks resuming against the nation.

R.O.C.K. Declares War on Dutchland[]

On June 17, 2008, three R.O.C.K. nations entered into a state of war with the nation of Dutchland, ruled by Bartje, a nation of the alliance New Eclipse Order, with whom Ragnarok (R.O.C.K.'s MDoAP partner) had just declared war on due to past transgressions against Ragnarok. Some controversy occurred over the declaration of Dutchland as three Valhalla nations were previously promised Dutchland as a target by Ragnarok, though such promises were not conveyed to the three attacking R.O.C.K. members, thus resulting in a mix up and the incidental declarations on Dutchland. As stated above, Dutchland, on the second day of war (after being inactive for the first day), promptly proceeded to launch a first strike tactical nuclear attack on R.O.C.K. member Mickey, resulting in the response of 4 straight days of nuclear strikes by R.O.C.K. member Smooth Pancakes in defense of the unwarranted first strike attack on Mickey.

The wars were allowed to expire at the end of seven days, during which three member nations of Ragnarok picked up attacks, fighting for seven days as well before their wars expired. When all was said and done, the nation of Dutchland, who entered the war with a nation strength of 50,000+, came out of the two weeks of war by R.O.C.K. and Ragnarok nations, with a nation strength of 18,968.471, resulting in a net loss of over 32,000 nation strength.

R.O.C.K. Enters the War of the Coalition[]

On August 16, 2008, R.O.C.K. made the jump from small time military actions, to full blown global war. In the war, R.O.C.K.'s longtime and closest allies Ragnarok declared war early on in the activities against Nueva Vida and OcUK. In return, The Dark Coalition declared war on Ragnarok in defense of Nueva Vida. R.O.C.K. then found herself in the middle of a war. As per R.O.C.K.'s MDoAP with Ragnarok, in defense of RoK, R.O.C.K. declared war against The Dark Coalition. R.O.C.K.'s involvement would last a mere four days, when on August 20, 2008, The Dark Coalition would formally surrender to Ragnarok and R.O.C.K., receiving white peace in return.

R.O.C.K. Faces Off With IRON[]

Less than a year after it's involvement in the War of the Coalition, R.O.C.K. again found itself in a global war, this time fighting alongside Ragnarok during the Karma War. Ragnarok was one of the first alliance's to get the war kicked off for the Karma side, declaring war on NPO in defense of the Viridian Entente. This drew a declaration of war against Ragnarok by IRON. In return, per R.O.C.K.'s MDoAP with Ragnarok, on April 25, 2009, R.O.C.K. declared war on IRON. R.O.C.K.'s involvement in the war would last for just over a month, when IRON surrendered to R.O.C.K., Ragnarok, and others on May 26, 2009. IRON proved themselves to be a great opponent and put up many worthy battles over that month, garnering even more respect from R.O.C.K. for the way they handled themselves both on and off the battlefield during the war.

Another Global War, More R.O.C.K. Action[]

Another new year, another war. What started as the NpO-\m/ war grew into the TOP-C&G War, the entire conflict cumulatively being know as the Bipolar War. During the war, Ragnarok was involved on multiple fronts. Then The Foreign Division (TFD) go involved, declaring war on WAPA. In defense of WAPA, Ragnarok and by way of our MDoAP, R.O.C.K., among others, declared war on TFD. It was February 14, 2010 when R.O.C.K. officially entered the war, deciding to ruin the Valentine's Day of many in the cyberverse. In what has become a normality for R.O.C.K. when engaged in war (besides the month-long conflict with IRON during the Karma War), actual fighting by R.O.C.K. only lasted six days, with TFD (and others) surrendering to Ragnarok, R.O.C.K. and others on February 20, with R.O.C.K. and Ragnarok declaring white peace.

The Future of Warfare for R.O.C.K.[]

With R.O.C.K. averaging involvement in one major war per year, as R.O.C.K. already joined in battle in a major war in only the 2nd month of 2010, what the rest of 2010 has in store remains to be seen. While R.O.C.K. does not anticipate being called to war anytime soon, her members are always ready to jump into combat at a moments notice to protect herself and her allies.





Current Protection[]

As of 2/1/12 R.O.C.K. is protected by Sparta and The Combine.

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