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Merger occurred on/around 12/08/2015
Royal Dagger Society
GOONS Protectorate
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RDS Flag

RDS Symbol
RDS Motto: Where dwellers rule their dwellings!
Team Color Black team Black
Founded 19/11/2014
Prince of Ruby Mountain Prince Bill
Princess of Sapphire Coast Princess Xandra
Prince of Emerald Valley Prince Hilderia
Other Officials N/A
International relations See below

AllianceStats Statistics as of 22/02/2015

Total Nations 13
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 4,953
Nukes 5
Score 0.77
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The Royal Dagger Society (RDS) is a black team alliance that formed from the rubble of the Sovereign Coalition of Allied Republics (SCAR). RDS was started off by ex-Stone and Steel (SAS) and ex-Ultra Alliance (UA) Sovereign Coalition of Allied Republics (SCAR) members and their aim was to create an alliance of true people power and democracy and learn from the terrible mistakes made in the corrupt Sovereign Coalition of Allied Republics (SCAR). Royal Dagger Society (RDS) is and will always be a place of as much freedom that can be given while under order.

The Royal Dagger Society (RDS) government is made up of a small group of people. There are three leaders of Royal Dagger Society (RDS) and they are Prince Bill, Princess Xandra and Prince Hilderia. The monarchy of the Royal Dagger Society (RDS) is permanent, has little power and can be voted out by the General Assembly (GA). The General Assembly is made up of all Royal Dagger Society (RDS) members, who are not monarchs, on the RDS forums. The General Assembly (GA) currently votes to pass everything.


International relationsEdit

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