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Royal Brunswick Stock Exchange
Agency overview
Formed June 1, 2009
Jurisdiction Duchy of Brunswick and its territories
Headquarters Braunschweig, Duchy of Brunswick
Ministers responsible Christian Bayern, Minister of Finance
Sophia Louis, Minister of Industry
Agency executive Svenja Florin, Chief Executive Officer

The Royal Brunswick Stock Exchange is the premier organization for the trading of stocks in companies from the Duchy of Brunswick. The Royal Brunswick Stock Exchange is regulated by a division within the Brunswick Monetary Regulation Committee and answers to that committee and the Minister of Finance as to its success or failure. The Exchange is housed in the capital, Braunschweig.

Mission Statement[]

The Royal Brunswick Stock Exchange is committed to being the leading equities marketplace among its international competitors. The Exchange is proud to provide the best up-to-date stock quotes, stock purchase options, and security options for your stock purchases.

Companies on the Exchange[]