Round Nexus
GenreVideo Games
PredecessorAqua Planets Company
FoundedJune 22, 2008
Founder(s)Steve Gotu
HeadquartersHalrloprillalar City, Halrloprillalar, Bobogoobo
Number of locations183 stores (Jul 2015)
Area servedBobogoobo, JBR
IndustryVideo games, related paraphernalia and collectibles
ProductsNotable Games:
  • First Dream
  • Fög
  • Realm of Minds
Production outputVaries
Owner(s)Rosa Studi
Employees9000 (Jul 2015)

Round Nexus is the biggest company in Bobogoobo and the one that earns the most revenue. It produces almost everything related to video games, including many of its own games. It mainly serves Bobogoobo, but also exports some products to the United States of JBR. Because gaming is a very popular activity in Bobogoobo, nearly 75% of citizens regularly buy products produced by Round Nexus.

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