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Rolla War Munitions International
TypePublically Traded
GenreWeapons Manufacturer
Weapons design
Founder(s)Benjamin Jameson
HeadquartersRolla, Deltoran Republic Rolla, GI, Deltora
Area servedDeltoran Republic
Revenue2011: $850 billion USD
Owner(s)Benjamin Jameson (largest number of shares)
DivisionsSouthern Union Star Firearms Company

Rolla War Munitions International is a Public company located in the Deltoran Republic. It is the largest weapon producer in the Deltoran Republic and is the most expensive company per share on the Deltoran Stock Exchange (DSE) at $350 USD a share . It produces 75% percent of all armed veicles and 47% of all military aircraft for the Republic.

History[edit | edit source]

It was founded by Benjamin Jameson in 1996 as a private company and quickly expanded as Deltora needed a large military. It became public and was listed on the DSE in 2001. It quickly grew and in 2011, its revenue was estimated at 850 billion USD.

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