A rogue state is a nation that is unaffiliated with an alliance, team, or sometimes both that acts independently and usually in an aggressive, destructive fashion. They are considered threats to global security, and offensive action by such nations should always be considered grounds for retaliation. A rogue can also be any nation who appears to be member of an alliance but whom has chosen to ignore their alliance's chain of command. They act independently, often starting wars in violation of their alliance's rules of engagement and without consideration for the results of their actions.

Once identified as a rogue there typically will be one of three possible resolutions:

  1. The nation will agree to apologize for their action and pay reparations
  2. The nation is kicked out of the alliance and destroyed by loyal members of his now former alliance
  3. The nation is kicked out of the alliance and, while unprotected, is destroyed by any alliance that he may have harmed

In both cases 2 and 3, the nation will be expected to change their AA. If they refuse then they will be labelled both a rogue and a ghost.

A nuclear rogue is similar to a non-nuclear rogue except that they may not appear to be part of an established alliance. There is a general assumption that they were able to become a nuclear-capable nation by belonging to an alliance and that they have quit their last alliance in order to be able to use their nuclear weapons without accordance to any rules of engagement or a chain of command.

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