Supreme Ruler
Robert O'Goobo XXIV
of Bobogoobo

Leader of the nation of Bobogoobo
Assumed office
September 26, 2007
Preceded by Nation founded

Born October 19, 1993 (age 26)
Halrloprillalar City
Spouse Quinncunx Bloom
Residence Brinexan Palace, Halrloprillalar
Religion Atheist
Signature Bobogoobo signature

Robert O'Goobo XXIV (also known as Bobogoobo but commonly referred to as O'Goobo to distinguish him from the nation he rules) is the Supreme Ruler of the nation of Bobogoobo. He has been the ruler since the nation was founded. He is descended from a family of merchants who also had a lot of involvement in the group that began the process of founding Bobogoobo. O'Goobo is obsessed with many things, among them statistics and grammar. He is easily annoyed by others, especially their communication habits. O'Goobo is typically rarely seen in his nation or around whichever alliance of which Bobogoobo is currently a member because he is quite busy with personal affairs, both required activities and those of leisure. He wishes he could be more active, and hopes to achieve a higher level of activity later in his life when he is finally freed from the institution of education. He enjoys spamming quite a lot but is not always as good at doing actual work. O'Goobo enjoys working on this wiki and his own nation's pages and is always willing to help others with their own pages, as he has become quite experienced with nearly every aspect of wikis.

OBR award

Medal for OBR's award

O'Goobo was surprised when, on September 28, 2010, he received an award from Hime Themis on behalf of the Order of the Black Rose in celebration of the two entities' anniversaries and major contributors to the Cyber Nations community. Hime Themis commended O'Goobo's work on the wiki; O'Goobo was glad that his contributions helped the community to this extent. The award also came with a free $25 donation deal, for which O'Goobo was very grateful.

On March 2, 2011, O'Goobo and Quinncunx Bloom, who had been his personal secretary for several weeks, were married. Quinn moved into Brinexan Palace to live with O'Goobo.

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