Geconfedereerde Socialistische Staten van Rjvkmsc
Confederate Socialist States of Rjvkmsc
Ussrflagr Rjvkmscshield
National Flag Coat of Arms
Concordia res parvae crescunt
National Anthem
Wien Neêrlands Bloed
Rjvkmsc map europe
Capital Nordbridge, Isle of Man
Official languagess Dutch
Recognized regional languages Afrikaans, Frisian
Demonym Rjvkmscian
Government National Bolshevik
Central Committe Xoindotnler
Presidium Femke de Wit
Legislature Binnenhof
- Dutch Republic

July 26, 1581
Major Religions Nordic Spirituality
National Animal Carrion Crow
Total Area 165,973.31 km²
Total Population
- Ethnic Groups
Danish, Dutch, Frisian, German, other
Alliance Affiliation Avalon
Currency Rijksdaalder (ƒ)
Literacy Rate 100%
Internet TLD .Rjv
Time Zone GMT (UTC +1)

The Confederate Socialist States of Rjvkmsc is a confederation in western Europe, it also owns colonies in southern Africa and Tasmania. The official language is Dutch, the only language at schools and public areas that is allowed is Dutch. The two largest of the largest regional languages are Frisian and Afrikaans.

History Edit

After the horrific 80 years war had ended with great losses on all side's the entire world got sucked into poverty. The United Kingdom was nothing more than a country plagued by anarchy, the once so big kingdom couldn't recover from the damage done by the war. The Dutch Republic was also heavily beaten up after the war, instead of dropping into anarchy there was a coupe by the people. Leaders where chosen by the people and installed, in the early years there power was limited to the region Departement van Amstel, in the following years they conquered the other Departementen. As there forces grew so did there desire to expand, the first treaty was signed with the neighboring Saxon-Frisian Republic. The Socialist Republic of Luxembourg was created to calm down the riots in that area.

To maintain there liberty's but knowing there should be a tighter connection between the three republics, the Confederate Socialist States of Rjvkmsc was formed. As things calmed down in the former United Kingdom three Republics and one Kingdom was formed. The Communist Republic of Isle of Man was added it self to the Confederation and not much later The Communist Republic of London and The Communist Republic of East and South-East England. The Kingdom of Greater Scotland was also formed but it refused to join the confederation. In 1768 the confederation expanded again by accepting the Socialist Danish Republic

The Member states of the Confederate Socialist States of RjvkmscEdit

The Dutch RepublicEdit

Main article: The_Dutch_Republic

The Dutch Republic is one of the founding nations of confederation, it is the economic capital of Europe.

It also plays a mayor role in the confederation.

The Saxon-Frisian RepublicEdit

The Socialist Danish RepublicEdit

The Communist Republic of Isle of ManEdit

The Communist Republic of LondonEdit

The Communist Republic of East and South-East EnglandEdit

The Socialist Republic of LuxembourgEdit

Colonial States of Confederate Socialist States of RjvkmscEdit

The Colonial Socialist State of TasmaniaEdit

The Colonial Socialist State of South AfricaEdit

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