Riot Society
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Official Flag of Riot Society
RIOT Motto: We love Kashmir. We are Riot Society. We eat our vegetables, look both ways before crossing the street, put our pants on one leg at a time.
Team Color Aqua team Aqua
Founder(s) BringMeTheHorizon, Mistral
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Riot Society (2nd) is a re-founding of the micro alliance Riot Society, which merged into Lavender Town (2nd) after Franz Ferdinand took the reins of leadership. Riot Society was refounded on December 1, 2014 by BringMeTheHorizon, its original el presidente.

ill Society Edit

Riot Society is based upon the idea of having fun with friends within this game. If you want to have fun, have fun, if you want to sit behind the screen, and bitch, and moan, do that too. I mean it must be fun for you -- if you do that all the time, who am I to judge?


The public charter can be found here.


El Presidente:

  • BringMeTheHorizon

FA Lackey

  • None

IA Lackey

  • None

Tha D Lackey

  • None

International relationsEdit

  • MDP with WAG ([1])

History Edit

War history of Riot Society*
War Combatant(s) Dates Outcome
Kaskus-SL War* Screaming Red Asses, Kaskus 11/4/2013 — 12/15/2013 White Peace
School Yard Bully War* British Defence Force 1/8/2014 — 1/18/2014 White Peace
FAN-UCR War* North Star Federation 3/10/2014 — 3/14/2014 White Peace
Beer Guzzlers War* Guinness 6/2/2014 - 6/6/2014 Victory
  • = includes wars waged by the first incarnation of Riot Society

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