Bio on Rhiannon Belladonna Alexis Catsin Edit

Date of Birth 6 June 1984
Place of Birth: Pernesia
Age: 21
Hair: red
Eyes: green
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125
Religion: Adminism
Family: None
Husband: Engaged to Modhi Rikard Malfacini of the Coalition of Gunrunners

Early Life and Family Edit

Rhiannon Belladonna Alexis Catsin was born to Yasmine and Marcus Catsin on the 6th of June, 1984. Her parents doted on their only child, teaching her any manner of suitable princess responsibilities, such as embroidering, painting, singing, and playing the flute and piano. Rhiannon, though, would badger her tutors into teaching her about philosophy, politics, fencing, and sword fighting. Unfortunately, her parents would always find out and put a stop to the lessons. They didn’t consider them to be lessons that a proper young princess should learn.

One day when Rhiannon was 16, her parents told her that they would be leaving to journey to a neighboring country in hopes of arranging a suitable marriage for her. Rhiannon begged them not to make her marry, but they remained firm, and set off on the journey. On the way back, after a successful betrothal arrangement, a tornado touched down, from out of a blue sky, on the road her parents were traveling. The tornado picked up the royal carriage traveling with it for about a mile, before releasing it to fall, killing her parents. When Rhiann heard this, she was devastated, for she truly loved her parents.

Realizing that someone was needed to run the country, and feeling that she might do a better job than any man, Rhiannon called off the marriage her parents had arranged for her and set about learning everything she needed to know to run a country. She assembled a group around her to help advise her until she could learn what she needed, making sure each and every one of them could teach her something.

Personal Traits Edit