Reziun Trent was born on August 15, 1986, his parents were Marquel and Ciera Trent. Reziun would grow up in a small town within the Krilion Empire. When new rules were passed through the government that created more religious opression against Christians, which led to rioters killing both his parents in the Thestopolan Riots of 2008, Reziun would go into hiding at a place called The Lost Ark.
It was here that Reziun would meet Theadric Yest and various other men and women of the Christian faith who were seeking refuge from acts of violence against Christians. On April 13, 2009 Reziun, with the help of Theadric and Zenizen Trist would cross the waters onto Gentruse Island
It was here that Reziun would create the nation of Aredan with the support of those already on the Island. Reziun would state himself Dictator and would request Sovereignty from various nations including the Krilion Empire, who reluctantly approved due to the other nations approving.
From this point on Reziun would go down in history as one of the most influential people in the Aredan history.

Government PositionsEdit

Aredan DictatorEdit

April 15, 2009 - May 1, 2009
Reziun's reign as Dictator of the Aredan nation would be a short lived rule. Due to the invasion from TechRaiders Reziun would feel overwhelmed and would immediately resign as the Dictator although he would provide help in creating a more stable and central government.

Aredan AmbassadorEdit

May 1, 2009–Present
While Reziun was not as successful as a leader as he planned to be, he was successful in getting the Aredan nation in the Christian Coalition of Countries. Due to this success after his resignation as Dictator, Reziun would ask to become the voice of Aredan, and the Ambassador to the CCC. This has been Reziuns position presently and he has helped his nation out tremendously.

Life & GossipEdit

While Reziun Trent is currently unmarried, he has been seen taking a girl by the name of Jasmine Elise to countless dates. Informants at The Aredan Times have not stated whether there will be any wedding bells soon, Although they have said that Jasmine is said to be attending the high-end college Zathos University.
After the invasion reporters would follow Reziun through Zathos as he helped clear the roads and city of the garbage and destruction left behind. He was also reported to have helped over fifty families with cash needs to get them back on their feet with his own personal cash. It was also reported that Jasmine never left his side throughout his help around town.

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