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Established 11/19/2009
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Retto, born in Cybernations 2006 in his former alliance GOONS, is a Pacifican high-ranking diplomatic officer and a part-time disk jockey.

Early lifeEdit

Retto spent the early days of his Cyberverse career in GOONS, joining around 2006, serving the alliance as the diplomatic minister. After a brief session of 4 months he spent there, Retto became inactive and left Cybernations for 3 years. On November 4, 2009, he made his return to the stage by applying to the New Pacific Order. His application was received with relatively immense attention – staff stationed at the NPO immigration office kept pouring questions after questions at him for days before eventually accepting him into the Academy on November 8.

New Pacific OrderEdit

Soon after his graduation from the Academy, Retto was employed by the Diplomatic Corps where he had held positions as Imperial Ambassador and was later promoted to the respectable career of Diplomatic Consul. Retto described his task as the attempt to improve relations between the New Pacific Order with other alliances – a bridge that channeled the foreign powers with the whole of NPO. Although the ambassadorial arena in the Cyberverse can be very challenging at times – including occasions in which Retto was chewed out for starting talks in wrong IRC channels – he insists that he finds the job rather “rewarding and enjoyable”, citing the opportunity to meet new people on regular basis as one of the reasons.

Apart from spending time abroad on diplomatic missions, Retto also does part-time job as a DJ for New Pacific Order official radio station: Radio Free Pacifica.

Additionally, Retto is credited with his invention of the term "FAILdarity".

Personal lifeEdit

A diligent and loyal Pacifican, Retto always intends to do his part for the New Pacific Order to the best of his ability.

Having spent some time in a retail home sales in Francograd suburb before he was recruited into Diplomatic Corps, Retto incorporates the working habit of getting things done and never losing temper among people he acquired in this trade into the career as a diplomat – leading to a success he enjoys in the Corps.

Retto is also a frequent party-goer. He is often spotted crashing random parties with his partners-in-crime Straylight and F15pilotx whom he works with habitually.


War HistoryEdit

Even though registered to the Pacific Army, Retto still has no combat experience in actual battlefields. He had served in no large-scale military operations and had not joined any squad so far – which is very understandable as he enrolled in the New Pacific Order during its demilitarization after the Order’s defeat in Karma War.


Retto has not yet received any official decoration from the New Pacific Order.

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